Best Pokemon To Have A Normal Tera Type In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet


Toxtricity Dudunsparce and Electrode

Normal-type Pokemon get a bad rap. They’re incredibly undervalued, mainly because they aren’t super effective against any other types and are typically seen as boring and straightforward. But as Larry, the Normal-Type gym leader, says, “simplicity is the strongest.” The most significant advantage Normal-Type have is getting a STAB boost on Normal-Type moves, which are by far the most common in the game. With the added benefit of terrastalization in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it may be surprising to learn that the Normal-Type Tera crown is one of the best.

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A Normal Tera Crown can take some of the strongest Pokemon to a higher level. It’s one of the most accessible Tera Types since each player is given 50 Normal shards in the main story, making it easy to convert to. Several Pokemon in particular can really take advantage of the additional damage output and immunities that a Normal Tera-Type gives them, making them by far the best fit for the giant bejeweled crown.


8/8 Electrode

If there’s one thing that can really blow up in your opponent’s face, it’s a Normal-Type Electrode. This want-a-be mimic decimates its enemies with a nuclear Normal Tera-Boosted Explosion, annihilating everything on the field.

It’s a risky strategy that Ghost-Types are immune to, and it can be stopped with a simple Protect. But when executed correctly, it can be absolutely devastating. While turning your Pokemon into a bomb is typically frowned upon, Electrode has the power to turn that frown upside down with the Normal Tera Crown.

7/8 Komala

Komala Pokedex image

Komala may be a sleeper pick for any team, but with a Normal-Type Terra Crown, it can be a real wake-up call for competitive players. Komala’s unique ability, Comatose, allows it to attack while it sleeps, making it immune to other status conditions.

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It has a surprisingly high base 115 attack stat and a fantastic move pool that includes Trash, Sucker Punch, Body Slam, and Last Resort. With a Normal-Tera crown, Komala can rest peacefully while putting its opponents down permanently. You can sleep easy with a Normal-Tera Type Komala on your team.

6/8 Greedent

Greedant Pokedex image

Greedent is a Pokemon stuffed full of surprises, but this cheeky kleptomaniac can really steal the show with a Normal-Tera Crown. With a base 120 HP stat and an interesting defensive move pool, Greedent is no stranger to the competitive ladder.

It’s an incredibly defensive Pokemon that can utilize both its moves and a held berry in various ways to ensure it stays on the field. While it typically doesn’t have the highest damage output, a Normal-Type Terastalization rounds out Greedent, giving it the power to be more than just a wall. With the Normal Tera crown, this rotund rodent is sure to leave its trainers satisfied.

5/8 Dudunsparce

Dudunsparce pokedex images

While most Poke-fans were disappointed that Dunsparce’s evolution seems to be a joke from the Pokemon company, it’s no laughing matter when it dawns the Normal-Tera crown. This segmented land snake was granted its own signature move in Gen 9 called Hyper Drill. This move has a base power of 100 and hits through protected opponents.

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Combine this with its new and improved base 100 Attack stat, plus boosted STAB from a Normal-Type Terastalization, and Dudunsparce becomes an unstoppable force. It’s an entirely unblockable attack that can dish out massive damage, which lets Dudunsparce get the last laugh.

4/8 Maushold

Completing The Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Pokedex maushold

Maushold is by far one of the most beloved fan favorites of the Paldea region, but there’s plenty of justification to be terrified of these mice. Maushold’s signature move, Population bomb, may only have a base power of 10, but it can also hit up to 10 times. They also have the ability Technician, which boosts moves with a base power lower than 60.

When amplified by a Normal Tera crown, it can snowball the boost from the Tera boost, Technician, and possibly a held item. It’s a move that can knock out any Pokemon, including those with a focus sash. You should definitely be terrified when this mouse is in your house.

3/8 Farigiraf

Farigiraf in the Paldea Pokédex

Fargiraf’s name may be difficult to pronounce, but there’s a lot to be said about this Pokemon potential viability. As a Trick Room setter, it truly towers over the completion due to its ability Armor Tail, which prevents priority moves. However, it truly shines as a special attacker with a Normal Tera Crown.

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Not only does it lose its Dark-Type weakness, but it also gains an extra boost when using hyper voice, a powerful spread attack that can be boosted even further with the held item Throat Spray. This allows this astronaut giraffe to send its opponents into orbit with just the sound of its voice. It’s enough to leave you and your opponent screaming for different reasons.

2/8 Toxtricity

Toxtricity Pokedex image

Toxtricity is a powerful special attacker that has been previously held back by its four times weakness to ground and its frail defense stats. A Normal-Type terrastalization not only takes away said weakness but also boosts one of its most potent moves Boomburst. It’s a base 140 sound-based special attack moves, and of all the Pokemon that get access to it, Toxtricity has the highest special attack.

This toxic toad’s unique ability, Punk Rock, boost its power by another 30%, creating an absolutely devastating spread move. It’s a technique that requires either a Ghost-Type partner or one with the ability to mitigate friendly fire, but luckily there are plenty to choose from in Paldea. Toxtricity is capable of making a lot of noise on the competitive later, with a Normal-Type Terrastalization.

1/8 Dragonite

Dragonite from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Pokedex Image

Of all the Pokemon to Terastalize into a Normal-Type, Dragonite takes the crown. It was one of the strongest non-legendary Pokemon in Generation one, but it quickly became outmatched as the generations passed. However, the Normal Tera crown has given this old dragon new life. It’s by far the strongest Pokemon that gets access to Extreme Speed, a +3 priority move with a base power of 80.

With a Choice Band and a Normal-Type terrastalization, Dragonite becomes a priority powerhouse that can take out opposing Pokemon even in a Trick Room or an opposing tailwind. It hits fast, and it hits hard, regardless of the scenario. With the Normal Tera crown, Dragonite can deliver some deviating blows, making it by far the best pick to wear the Normal Tera Crown.

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