Best Passive Money Methods in GTA Online


Best Passive Money Methods in GTA Online

This guide will provide you with all the best passive money methods in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Agency Safe: 

You can make a lot of money with an Agency. When you buy an Agency, you will find a little hidden safe inside your office just next to your desk. You can press the right

d-pad to open it up and you can increase its payout by doing the missions. You have to go into the computer, then log in, and start doing the do security contracts.

The more security contracts you do, the higher the payout is going to be every GTA day.  So if you grind these security contracts that payout will increase every 48 minutes and it can go as high as 20,000 dollars every 48 minutes. You need to do a lot of security contracts to increase the pay each time, the maximum you can do is 200 security contracts.

Once you complete 200 of them, you will get 20k every 48 minutes. In this way, you will make money while you’re trying to increase your passive money payout. If they have a double or triple bonus on them, then you will get about 30,000 to 80, 000 depending on the level of difficulty. It will show you three different contracts, you can choose between the three of them and you will find the difficulty and the reward as well. The capacity of the safe is unclear as it can vary from player to player. Once it reaches 50k, you have to collect the money so it can generate even more.

Arcade Safe:

Let’s move on to Arcade Safe,  it is very straightforward and you will get 5,000 dollars every 48 minutes. You have to go on the laptop inside of your little office in the arcade and purchase different arcade machines to play with. You do have a default one in there which makes you money.

With the safe, it’s the same story as the Agency safe because the cap is also unclear in this. The cap varies from player to player. You don’t have to do anything because you start making passive money right away but you do get significantly less money each time as compared to grinding security contracts. The 5,000 dollars you earned with the arcade every 48 minutes is equivalent to grinding 50 security contracts. It’s good to have both of them so you have a balance of not having to do anything and grinding missions to increase the payout.

Motorcycle clubhouse daily income: 

The next one is a relatively new method called Motorcycle Clubhouse Daily Income. It’s kind of a hybrid of the arcade and the agency’s passive money-making method.  You have to go to the bar inside your clubhouse to start the mission, and once you complete the bar resupply mission, you will get 5,000 every 48 minutes for the next four in-game days. It will be 20,000 after four in-game days. After these four days, you have to do another bar resupply and get yourself another four days of daily income. By the way, you don’t need to do more than one bar resupply mission, it doesn’t really affect the passive income.

Nightclub Warehouse:

The Nightclub Warehouse passive money is a bit complicated as it has a ton of different parts to it. There’s a big upside and a big downside; the big downside is that you need a bunch of other businesses to operate this, such as the CEO cargo sporting goods from the bunker and other things like that. You have to log into the and you will need all those to be set up to make money.

You will have different warehouse technicians that can source different goods. It will cost you a lot of money to set up this whole thing. You need the nightclub warehouse and a bunch of different other properties and then you can sell all the goods. The payout for every 48 minutes really varies with this one from 10,000 dollars up to 70 thousand dollars per 48 minutes.

CEO Special Cargo 

CEO Special Cargo is a semi-passive income method and it is extremely easy to do. The two big changes you will get with it is you have someone in your warehouse called Lupe. You have to go, talk to her and you will get an option for her to source goods for you. You will need to pay 750,000 to source the goods for you and then wait 48 minutes for her to complete that.

You will get one, two, or three crate sources and you will make your money back. The cargo will eventually sell for more than you paid for it. The best strategy is to keep on sourcing crates with Lupe, again and again, to fill up your warehouse. It’s better to have a large one so that you can store more cargo in it.

Now you can do all cell missions in Invite-Only sessions. Once you get special cargo crates, they’re good as actual money, you just have to deliver them to a certain location with no danger unless you drive into a gas tank or blow everything up. One full large warehouse is worth over 2.2 million dollars.

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