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Best Noir Variants In Marvel Snap


Marvel Snap Noir Variants Cyclops, White Queen, Colleen Wing


The Marvel universe opens up endless possibilities of different versions of your favorite heroes and villains, especially when you play Marvel Snap. They can be put into any time or place and can fit right in. Some characters have a noir variant for a vintage spin from their traditional persona.

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When thinking about noir and Marvel, it is easy to think about Noir Spider-Man from the comics and Into the Spider-Verse. Marvel Snap expands those ideas as it digs deep from the comics and the creative minds at Second Dinner. With too many to count, there are some highlights that we can’t help but gush about.

10 Agent Coulson

Marvel Snap Noir Variants Agent Coulson

Agent Coulson gets the noir detective treatment with this variant of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. His look with his suit and standing in the shadows gives him a more commanding presence than some of his other variants. It is a standout from the rest, making this a priority if you use him in any deck.

Of the noir touches, one of the most prominent is less about the agent’s attire but his badge. As he flashes the S.H.I.E.L.D. badge, we see a classic detective badge with the iconic logo that fans of Marvel know so well.

9 Black Cat

Marvel Snap Noir Variants Black Cat

Black Cat is a master thief and Marvel’s equivalent of DC’s Catwoman. The noir variant in Marvel Snap of Black Cat gives her a menacing aesthetic compared to her sexualized base variant. This costume showcases the power she can bring to the location you place her on.

Black Cat’s suits often look easy to obtain, as if she went to the store for a latex suit with a mask. The haunting white mask and claws on her gloves are just pieces of her costume that show something made for thievery and action. It looks fitting for someone in a Marvel universe.

8 Colleen Wing

Marvel Snap Noir Variants Colleen Wing

Walking into a room, you might be startled if Colleen Wing stands there with her katana. The fashionable noir variant of Colleen Wing maintains the intensity seen in most of her variants while having this old-school twist.

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Having people buttoned up can be plain, like Coulson wearing a suit. However, Colleen Wing is in a stylish white outfit to make her one of the best-dressed heroes in Marvel Snap. The professional take is highlighted by well-utilizing lighting to let her pop from the shadows around her.

7 Cyclops

Marvel Snap Noir Variants Cyclops

Cyclops is walking in with a hint of mystery on top of looking stylish. Marvel Snap continues to show the artists understand these characters, and this is a prime example. It is largely due to the X-Men member’s glasses – red-tinted sunglasses, which are a grounded, noir spin on his iconic visor.

Unlike many noir variants in Marvel Snap, Cyclops gets a more detailed background. He is in an Asian district or city, which is hard to see, except for the orange lanterns. The pop of color gives more life to his surroundings rather than all-consuming shadows.

6 Maria Hill

Marvel Snap Noir Variants Maria Hill

Nick Fury’s right-hand woman Maria Hill is armed and ready for the field in her noir variant. She sports one of her best outfits compared to any other variant with a black trench coat, black pants, and gray gloves for a noir agent ready to take down anyone in her way.

While many other noir cards often lurk in shadows and are subdued, Maria Hill has gone through some action. While standing in a walled-off area, smoke and debris surround her. Who knows what she went through, but whoever else is around is looking worse than her.

5 Misty Knight

Marvel Snap Noir Variants Misty Knight

Misty Knight delivers a side eye with her red suit for an intimidating variant. Between her afro and outfit, she fits right in for that era of noir that started to see more diverse characters and different stories being told beyond the 1950s.

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One of the most identifiable aspects of the character is her robotic arm. This variant sees a silver arm that looks not as advanced as something that someone like Tony Stark would have made but instead along the lines of sci-fi between the ’60s and ’70s. Most of her variants see similar spins on the arm, so a different style of sci-fi technology makes this variant more distinct when compared to her others.

4 Nick Fury

Marvel Snap Noir Variants Nick Fury

If you have anyone from S.H.I.E.L.D., you need Nick Fury. As he takes cover against a brick wall in the rain, he is geared up with duel-wielding pistols. It is not the most armed he has been or the angriest he has looked, but in classic Nick Fury fashion, he looks badass and in control.

The splashes of raindrops hitting his S.H.I.E.L.D. badged coat accent this noir version of the man who brought a group of heroes together to form the Avengers. The shadows give enough of a look at him while still maintaining his secretive nature.

3 Professor X

Marvel Snap Noir Variants Professor X

Most of the variants of Professor X showcase his telepathic powers in interesting and striking ways. The noir variant puts some color and style into the often white telepathic lines coming from his head. The interpretation of a power that cannot be seen provokes a new view of what he is doing when he flips the switch.

The noir style grounds characters in a new way. Professor X often has a high-tech chair, like his yellow Hoverchair. The chair gets more basic, but that highlights his great power. He does not need anything fancy to use telepathic energy to achieve his desires.

2 Viper

Marvel Snap Noir Variants Viper

Viper’s recognizable green was not erased for her noir variant in Marvel Snap. Instead, she gets one of her best outfits with a dark green cloak and a lighter green leather outfit. It maintains a look from another era, while still keeping a distinct look the character has held across each variant.

Viper’s looks are not the only thing that makes this variant stick out from the rest in this category. Her background is not some office shrouded in darkness or a rainy cityscape. Instead, she stands at the fiery mouth of a rock that holds the face of a skull for a frightening entrance when you play her.

1 White Queen

Marvel Snap Noir Variants White Queen

White Queen likes to stick to her name and maintain a white outfit. For her noir look, the character has donned a blue costume that maintains her revealing, sexualized style. She continues the trend that noir women are soaring above men in the fashion game.

Not many of White Queen’s variants showcase her telepathic powers. In this case, her hands emit blueish-white energy. Look up at the dangerous stare she is delivering; then you know that she means business as she takes a copy of your highest-cost card in your hand.

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