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Best Monsters To Tame For Production And Combat


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There are dozens of possible monsters to tame in Rune Factory 5, and all have their benefits and advantages. Some, however, can be harder to acquire and others harder to capture and tame. Once you’ve built your barn and farm area, the first thing you’ll want to consider is the ease of access to monsters. The second factor you’ll want to consider is what each monster can produce for you.

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Capturing and taming a collection of creatures should help you advance first, and any protection they add is a secondary benefit – but still a benefit nonetheless.

Updated August 13, 2022, by Rebecca Timberlake: Rune Factory 5 has an extensive roster of monsters that you can capture and tame, and each has a benefit that makes it desirable to do so. While some can be added to your farm to produce various items, from eggs to wool for clothing, others can be tamed to help protect you while you explore the map looking for other resources and monsters.

Ultimately, your specific needs and gameplay style will determine which monsters are the most effective for you, as well as worth the time and effort you’ll spend acquiring them. As such, we’ve added some more of the best monsters to tame in Rune Factory 5.


12 Siren

You can find a Siren in the northern part of Lake Yumina, close to a frozen waterfall. The Siren is a slightly rarer monster to locate, so you may have to try a few times to spot one to catch. Once you have, however, adding it to your collection will be very beneficial.

While the Siren doesn’t produce anything you can use or eat, she is very powerful. Her base stats include HP over 13,000 and attack over 1,000. She also drops Melody Bottle, Mermaid Scale, and crystal fragments, all of which can be used when crafting.

11 Hornet

The most obvious reason to get a Hornet on your farm is for the honey. They produce a lot of it, and you can then sell it at a high price for quick income. You’ll also get Insect Jaw drops from the Hornet, which will be used in a few different recipes while crafting.

In terms of fighting, the Hornet isn’t your best bet, especially if you have a lot of bigger and stronger monsters. However, they can sting to do moderate damage to an enemy.

10 Big Muck

Big Muck is in the Phoros Woodlands, near the northern area of a river, and you may find one in the Forest of No Return if you don’t have any luck in the Woodlands. Big Muck is a very deadly mushroom-like monster, and difficult to tame. While capturing one is a definite goal, realistically you may want to add that closer to the bottom of your to-do list.

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Big Muck produces Spores that will be a necessary ingredient in a few different recipes — both scientific and cooking. Having one on your side is also great in a fight, because they have a highly toxic powder they can emit.

9 Chipsqueek

Go to the Kelve Volcanic Region to find a Chipsqueek to capture and tame, but be careful — they can be incredibly fast and aggressive when caught off-guard. An adorable squirrel-like creature, the Chipsqueek will produce fur for you to use when crafting and to sell for income.

Other items the Chipsqueek can drop include branches and crystal fragments, which again can be used in crafting. Despite being aggressive when startled, this monster isn’t much of a fighter, so taming the Chipsqueek really is about the items it produces and drops, not protection.

8 Flower Lion

Essentially an overgrown plant stem, the Flower Lion can be found in the Meline Crystal Caverns. They’re fairly easy to obtain — as early as the Phoros Woodlands.

Aside from pretty blossoms, the Flower Lion will produce useful plant stems that you can use in any recipes that call for Sticks and Stems. Once you’ve tamed it, you’ll get drops every day — as long as you keep your Flower Lion healthy and happy in the barn.

7 Wooly

This monster looks like a cute little sheep, but Woolies’ stats are decent. With some earth resistance and decent attack, the Wooly is a handy monster to have at your side in a fight, though they’re quite docile when it comes to actually attacking your enemies.

You’ll find Woolies in the Phoros Woodlands, and they’re incredibly easy to tame. They can produce fur daily, and they’ll produce better quality fur when they like you better. Make sure you visit them every day and pet them with the brush to improve your relationship.

6 Silver Wolf

Located in Lake Yumina, Silver Wolves are tamable though it might be a bit tricky since they move quickly in battle. Once you have, however, you’ll have a consistent source of wolf fangs that you’ll need in various recipes.

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The Silver Wolf is one of the monsters in the game that you can ride, which will increase your movement speed, allow you to use the monster’s attacks, and protect your health at the expense of your mount’s HP.

5 Chuckadoodle

A large chicken found only in the deepest depths of the Kelve Lava Caves, the Chuckadoodle produces black feathers for crafting recipes. When you tame one and add it to your farm, you’ll get drops of eggs as long as you keep them clean, happy, and healthy.

Similar to the Cluckadoodles that are more common, the Chuckadoodle’s main benefit over the other birds is its ability to provide black feathers. If you require a lot of that kind of feather for your recipes, you’ll want to take a trip to the Caves to tame this monster.

4 Spider

You may not want to catch and care for a giant spider, but in Rune Factory 5, the Spider is quite helpful. You’ll find one in the Kelve Volcanic Region, and in a fight, it’s a bit resistant to earth attacks, but wind attacks will shred it to pieces.

Once you’ve captured it, you’ll get daily drops of spider’s thread, which is very useful for satisfying the Strings requirement in many crafting recipes. Since the Spider is the best way to get strong thread for all your stringy needs, it’s a good idea to tame one.

3 Cluckadoodle

The Cluckadoodle is like the Chuckadoodle, only it doesn’t produce black feathers. Once you’ve located one in the Phoros Woodlands, they’re extremely easy to tame due to their weaker nature and lesser stats.

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After basically taming a giant chicken, you will get daily egg drops as long as you take care of your precious Cluckadoodle. When you get to know the monster a bit better and increase your friendship level, it will start laying larger Eggs which sell for more money and can be used to make your cooking recipes even better.

2 Buffamoo

The Buffamoo looks just about like its name suggests: a large ox-bull crossover that produces milk like a cow, you’ll find one roaming the Phoros Woodlands. This area of the map is one of the first you’ll explore in the game, making the Buffamoo one of the first creatures you encounter and therefore a great starter monster.

Aside from giving you milk, it has a quite bulky set of stats, including high health and defense, making the Buffamoo well worth the trouble and upkeep you might have to endure after taming one. In addition, it’s one of the monsters that you can ride alongside a friend.

1 Nine-Tailed Fox

The Nine-Tail Fox is a Boss monster, so you’ll have a harder time capturing and taming one. You’ll find them in the Whispering Woods, and if you’re lucky enough to get one on your farm, you’ll have a reliable and powerful ally.

This strong monster, once in your corner, has great stats and even resists water attacks – perfect for taking on the challenges of the Meline Crystal Cavern. If you’re wanting strong protection and a cute ally, the Nine-Tailed Fox is one to get asap.

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