Best FS22 Pickup Truck Mods to Try Out in 2022


Best FS22 Pickup Truck Mods to Try Out in 2022

If you play FS22, then you’re probably aware of the Pickup Truck. It’s will give you even more benefits than usual! Check out this guide to see which are the best Pickup Truck Mods and how to get them first-hand!

2020 Ram 3500 Single Cab Long Bed

The 2020 Ram 3500 Single Cab Long Bed pickup truck is perfect for those who want an exciting pickup truck experience in Farming Simulator 22. Want to have this in your game? download the link below to try it.

Toyota Hilux Invincible 2021

This pickup truck is perfect for those who love to farm and drive. It features realistic textures and performance that will make farming much more fun. With its powerful engine and comfortable ride, the Hilux Invincible 2021 is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get the most out of their Farming Simulator 22 experience.

Chevy Colorado

This exciting addition to the game adds a new level of realism and excitement to your farming experience. The Chevy Colorado is perfect for farm work, providing you with the power and capabilities to tackle any dirt or gravel road.  The Chevy Colorado pickup truck mod is perfect for farmers who want to add a bit of excitement to their game.

Dacia Pick-Up

This exciting car features an authentic design and a variety of customization options to make your driving experience unique. Experience the game with a new style with this CC.

Pickups Pack

With the Pickups Pack, you can add a pickup truck to your game. The truck has been specifically designed for farming and allows you to transport large loads of goods quickly and easily. The link below is perfect for spicing up your experience.

Lizard Pickup 1986

With the Lizard Pickup 1986, you can drive your Farming Simulator 22 tractor in style! This truck features a realistic design and detailed textures, giving you the perfect look for your farm. Whether you’re looking for a unique pickup truck to add to your game or just want something that looks cool, the Lizard Pickup 1986 is sure to please.

2021 Ford Super Duty

The Ford 2021 Super Duty pickup truck is perfect for those who need a powerful and reliable pickup truck. With its realistic design and powerful engines, this pickup is perfect for anyone who needs a sturdy and dependable pickup truck.

1979 Chevrolet K30 Crew Cab

This 1979 Chevrolet K30 Crew Cab is a prime choice for anyone looking for a pickup truck mod in Farming Simulator 22. With its spacious cabin and powerful engine, this truck will make hauling your crops and livestock easy and enjoyable. Plus, its realistic design ensures that you’ll feel like you’re driving a true vintage pickup truck.

F100 Pickup Truck

The F100 Pickup Truck is the perfect addition to any farming simulator game. This versatile vehicle can be used for a variety of tasks, from picking up crops to transporting goods. With its powerful engine and sturdy construction, the F100 is perfect for those who need a dependable workhorse when it comes to hauling goods.


This exciting new pickup truck mod for Farming Simulator 22 allows you to haul your crops and goods in style, with a sleek, modern design that will make your farming experience even more enjoyable. With its powerful engine and spacious cargo area, the VAZ 2329/LADA NIVA Pickup is perfect for those who want to take their agriculture to the next level.

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