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Like all the other regions in Legends of Runeterra, Demacia has a sizable cluster of champions to bolster your decks with, nine, to be specific. Each of these iconic characters offers something different to your prospective strategies, making them unique in their own ways. Some synergize better with scouts, some with high-costing spells, some with defensive spells, some with rallies, and some with many other options.

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But, as can be expected, some of these champions are simply better than others, and this usually directly relates to how strong whatever they synergize with is. This article aims to rank them all from least effective on the battlefield, to most effective.

Disclaimer: Generally speaking, all the champions in Legends of Runeterra are win conditions in their own right. As such, almost any one of them can single-handedly win a game if they’re left unchecked by your opponent.

With that in mind, the following ranking system does not take this into consideration, but rather, considers everything else about the card, such as mana cost-to-stats ratio, its effect, its evolution conditions, how easy it is for an opponent to deal with said card, and more.


9 Fiora

Even though she used to be quite overpowered, with an entire deck built around her (Fiora and Shen days, anyone?), Fiora is at the bottom of this list. For starters, she only has two health, which means there are loads of spells that can take her off the board. This was the case back in her heyday too, but since then, more low-costing spells have been added to the game, making it even easier to kill her.

On top of this, she costs three mana. This might not seem like such a big deal, but it is when she can be taken off the board with a spell that costs less than three mana. Normally, the safest way to make sure you stabilize with her is to wait until turn five or six (depending on your reserved spell-mana), so that way you can react to enemy spells with defensive ones of your own. What this does is give her a pseudo-cost of much more than three mana, making her even less worth it.

8 Lucian

Lucian is up next for similar reasons to the low placement of Fiora. The reason he’s one higher up is simply because he costs one mana less than her to play for the same health and attack power. As such, you have more mana to react with defensive spells in order to keep him alive longer.

Plus, the fact that he has Quick Attack makes it safer to attack with him than with Fiora.

7 Poppy

Poppy’s is up next for a couple of reasons. First off, three health is greater than two, which means it takes a little more to take her off the board than Lucian or Fiora. Secondly, and more importantly, unlike Fiora and Lucian, Poppy buffs her allies when attacking, granting her value even after she dies.

That said, her base stats are still two attack, three health, and for four mana, that’s a bit clunky, giving her one of the lower spots on this list.

6 Quinn

Quinn takes the fourth spot only because of the stats she gives. Having a three-attack, five-health minion on the board, plus a two-attack, one-health challenger minion is just nice. Champion or regular minion, and for only five mana, those stats are worth it.

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However, she only has Scout herself, and she can easily be removed before leveling up (and her level up isn’t the most impressive one anyway).

5 Shyvana

Shyvana makes number five here because of her total value. Being a three-attack, four-health unit for four mana, she already out-values Poppy and Fiora in terms of mana cost-to-stat ratio. But the main reason she’s above all the champions listed so far is because of her ability to buff herself. Quite a bit, actually.

Not only does she gain stats upon attacking, but she also gains stats upon killing an enemy, making her super sticky and able to survive enemy trades. Having four health, too, makes her hard to remove with just spells. With that in mind, she’s only number five because of the difficulty of evolving her, as keeping her in play long enough to see 12 damage from dragon allies can be tricky.

4 Garen

Next up is Garen, and he is one of the best cards in Demacia, partially thanks to his incredible stat value. Five mana for five health and five attack stats is staple value, and the fact that he has Regeneration makes him a trading machine.

That, along with his five health, makes him super annoying to remove from the board. Furthermore, evolving him is very simple and something your opponent absolutely must react to — otherwise, you’ll be able to attack every turn.

3 Lux

Putting Lux above Garen in terms of value required some thought, but ultimately, it has to do with her passive. Yes, she has two less attack than Garen, but she has the same health, and truth be told, her attack power doesn’t really matter, since her main way of dealing damage is through her final sparks. The main goal is to keep her alive, and the Barrier she is summoned with certainly helps with that.

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Either way, Lux and Garen are very close in terms of value, especially if a deck is properly built around them. But, at the end of the day, Lux barely pulls through due to her ability to OTK (one-turn-knockout) with her Final Sparks.

2 Galio

Galio’s mana cost-to-stat ratio is great value. He’s got zero attack, eight health, but due to him being Formidable, he attacks with his health, technically giving him eight attack on summon. All that for only seven mana exceeds the base value, and he even has a SpellShield to help protect him.

Just like Garen, his evolved ability your team grants Rally, regardless of whether you’ve got the attack token, adding even more value to him in the long run.

1 Jarvan IV

Finally, we’ve got Jarvan IV, and he’s chock-full of value. Admittedly, six attack, four health (and Barrier) for six mana isn’t the best, but the fact that you can summon him directly into combat from your hand removes your opponent’s ability to react to him with any slow-spells.

Also, unlike any of the other Demacian champions, Jarvan’s evolution can be proc’d without him needing to be in play. Thus, you’re really paying six mana for seven attack, five health stats, plus a Barrier, which is amazing value.

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