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If you’re going to go on an adventure to find yourself (literally), then you better armor up for the ride ahead. The science-fantasy RPG Torment: Tides of Numenera will push the boundaries of the Last Castoff, the reawakened corpse released by the Changing God’s absence. Now, you are empty and free to do as you like, such as searching for why you were cast off to begin with. And if you are going to be searching for meaning and why you are still alive despite no longer being used as housing, then you are going to need armor.

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There are not a lot of armor sets in Numenera, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any fun to be had in finding out which ones are the best to keep you alive, right? Trust us, you are going to need to stay alive, at all costs.


7 Avatrol Leather Jerkin

In one of the earlier pieces you get in-game, there isn’t anything truly remarkable outside of gaining some stat boosts to your armor and resistance. It’s made of the thick and tough hide of the monstrous Avatrol who stalks the area of the Beyond.

They are prized by hunters and coveted by explorers due to their natural resistance to non-physical attacks, but still offer a decent amount of physical protection as well. There is no negative stat decreases when donning the gear, so it makes it great for when you are just starting out.

6 Cobbled Brigandine

It’s the simplicity of an armor that you can buy in-game that counts. It’s made of armor-like materials, such as stitched together small metal plates, but tucked away in between the metal are slabs and bits of rare and exotic materials from previous worlds.

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However, there are a few drawbacks to using this armor. Depending on which class you play, you will lose some might and experience a 15 percent decrease in Esotery strength. It has no effect if you don’t rely on spells and magical attacks, so if you’re more of a hands-on glaive, get bloody type of player, you’re fine.

5 Exuvia

Biological armor is the epitome of badassery. Even when the creature that it comes from is long gone, it somehow remains… alive. As if the soul of the creature simply transferred into the armor that protects you. it breathes as you breathe, and if you let your mind wander for just a little too long, it will hum for you. It’s not a malevolent hum, mind you. After all, there isn’t anything it can actually do to you, right?

Still, despite it’s seemingly harmless looks, there’s something about it that’s disconcerting. Maybe it’s the hum, or even the way it will subtly change it’s color, or how warm it feels to your touch. It makes you feel uneasy, and hopefully, it will pass on that feeling of unease to your enemies as you face them down.

4 Plate Armor

This one is for you, Glaives, the game’s tanks, and protectors. Take some used chainmail, slap some metal pieces on it, and bolt it down. However, make sure you can still move around and swing your heavy weapon to keep the Nanos and Jacks safe.

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The disadvantage of this one is that you take a -6 hit to both your might and speed, as well as a -30 percent hit to your Esotery moves, in exchange for +4 armor and +1 hit resistance. Throwing together a bunch of metal to protect yourself has a nostalgic feel to it.

3 Micromesh

Despite being made of metal, Micromesh has the weight and feel of cloth, due to being woven together very tightly, and is almost custom-made to fit the wearer’s whole body like a glove. While tough and good protection, it isn’t made to take a significant amount of damage like heavy armor made for Glaives.

Despite the description, you will most likely outgrow the stats for this piece, since it’s available to you at the start of the game once you hit your first town after being reborn, but even so, you can sell it for a pretty Shin (the local currency) once you can upgrade.

2 Bloom-Flesh Armor Is Strong…

Imagine taking the flesh of something similar to a Lovecraftian machination of horror and deciding to wear it for yourself. That is the essence of the highly sought-after and powerful Bloom-flesh armor created by the legendary elder Sundermun. This thing is very much still alive when you put it on, which itself is difficult. But don’t worry, once you have it on long enough, it will form onto your body like a second skin.

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That’s not all though. It’s akin to wearing a nightmare, but the true terror lies with anyone who faces you while wearing this. At the start of each turn, the suit demands the blood of your enemies, draining them of six points of health. Despite the literal horror of putting on what is essentially a creature over your entire body, it can become one of your better allies in battle. Just don’t take it off.

1 …But You Never Forget Your First

The armor that you will probably be wearing the longest is the one you came into existence as you were being reborn. Created entirely from your thoughts and how you need protection for the as-yet-unknown journey ahead of you; it’s your intent given form. Each starting class has a different design perfectly suited for both their strengths and weaknesses.

Willwoven Garment is specifically for the Nano class, made to keep you safe from projectiles and enemies’ esoteries (akin to magic spells in-game), but not made to withstand heavy hitting attacks from large monsters or strong glaives. Play to your strengths, dear Nano.

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