TechyHint Gaming Beginners Tips for Splatoon 3 on Nintendo Switch

Beginners Tips for Splatoon 3 on Nintendo Switch


Beginners Tips for Splatoon 3 on Nintendo Switch


If it is your first time playing Splatoon 3, and you’re not sure what direction to take. Then this guide will walk you through a couple of points and tips you should keep in mind. It will get you up to speed and equipped for a fun time.

When you first start the game, you will go through the basics of Splatoon 3.

This sounds boring and it’s a tutorial, but it is quick and teaches you the fundamentals of movement and camera control. You’ll learn how to aim and use your weapon by hitting targets.

But keep in mind you musts experience here because you are going to need it in the next part.

The first tip is to, play the Story Mode. Splatoon 3 is known for its online multiplayer, but it’s recommended you play story mode.

After going through the tutorial, it is where you can piece together what you learned at the start and put it into practice with obstacles and enemies. The story mode is great at easing difficulty. So, you get to build on what you learned and mastered. You will be surprised at how well the story mode is in learning all the fundamentals of Splatoon and having fun at it as well. Besides all this, playing the story mode gets you immersed in its world. You’ll learn about the lore of Splatoon 3 and connect with its awesome characters.

The next step is to play Turf War. The idea is simple, the team with the most ground covered in their team’s ink color wins! But inking walls do not count to turf coverage. Essentially what you learned in story mode, you take that moving onto Turf War. The difference here is it’s against real players on the field. In this online mode, as you play you learn how to think on your feet, quickly make decisions, and implement all you have learned so far with greater precision and accuracy. Of course, it does not come right away, but with practice in Turf War, you will just get better at it naturally, and come up with your style of play and strategy.

Now onto choosing your Main Weapon. Weapons like the Splattershot Jr. and Aerospray are recommended. They provide good wide ink coverage so you can cover a lot of turfs, and don’t require pin-point accuracy to splat others.

When you get more comfortable, you can try out other weapons after getting them through Sheldon. Experimentation is key to finding your preferred weapon. But try not to get comfortable with one another and disregard everything else. Every weapon does have its pros and cons. The splatter shot Jr. and Aerospray mentioned earlier have good ink coverage, but take a lot more hits to splat an enemy, making you less equipped to counter.

Up next, using your Sub and Special Weapons.The beginners that played Splatoon do not use their Sub and Special Weapons, and it is totally ignored. You should use every tool available in your arsenal because it is a huge benefit when you are playing. For example, use bombs Sub Weapons quite often. It keeps the opponent on their toes as you go for a splat or use it to distract them. So definitely try using Sub and Special Weapons in your strategy. You’ll notice it can change the gameplay dramatically.

The last tip is to Use Motion Controls. It is just a lot more accurate to aim with. Using the alternate way with analog stick control while motion controls are off will work, but the chance of overshooting your movements and making changes take a lot more time and effort. By the time you are readjusting your crosshair for an overshoot, more likely means you get splatted before you have the chance. Everything mentioned does take practice and experimentation. Everyone is different, and there is no right or wrong but what you are most comfortable with is important. But keep an open mind to experimentation, it can go a long way in immersing yourself into Splatoon 3.


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