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Beginner Tips And Tricks For Fort Triumph


A collage of loading screens and the world map in Fort Triumph.

The strategy genre offers plenty of ideas to make games stand out from each other. Fort Triumph takes this approach by applying the standard gameplay you expect while incorporating further ideas, such as base building and picking armies, to incorporate more elements into the systems. You’ll build your army and help them succeed, though you may find it challenging.

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After all, the game features permanent character death, which can lead to severe consequences if you lose one of your best units. However, if you understand the game and keep some beginner tips in mind, you’ll make it easier and improve your odds of surviving and thriving as an army.


Plan Before You Act

Even though you may want to act immediately and get your characters into position, you should always think and wait before you do anything. For example, some SRPGs let you move your character, consider your options, and move back before you do anything. However, Fort Triumph counts moving as an action that uses AP, so you’ll commit to it once you choose the option.

Instead, hover over the place where you want to move and think about the position. You can even select an attack command to check your character’s range, so you’ll know how many squares to move and ensure you’ll be in range. Otherwise, you put yourself in a dangerous position where you may move but not have a target to go for, so you’ll need to choose a less-optimal idea for the rest of your turn.

The same applies to the world map. You can only take so many steps each day. On top of that, you get new heroes to recruit at the start of each week, but the monsters also become stronger.

If you keep running around randomly, you could find the enemies too challenging to fight.

Always Use Your Environmental Skills

The Paladin prepares to use a kick against a spider to stun two enemies in Fort Triumph.

Every character has environmental skills they can utilize to fight enemies and prevent them from attacking. For example, the Mage has an ability where she can use a tornado to blow over different terrain, causing damage to the enemy while knocking over the obstacle, allowing you to attack them with other ranged enemies.

On the other hand, you can use the Ranger to pull an enemy toward you with a grappling hook. If they crash into any enemies or obstacles, they become stunned, losing two AP the next turn. You can utilize such abilities to harm enemies and stun them. Since enemies deal tons of damage in this game, you’ll want to maximize your environmental skills and use them often.

Try to use a terrain ability on an enemy to stun them, then attack them with another teammate, dealing maximum damage without allowing them to attack you during their next turn. You can then use another teammate to stun any other enemies nearby if you don’t have enough damage to kill them all.

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Focus On Defensive Play

The Mage and Paladin hide behind terrain while the Mage prepares a Whirlwind attack in Fort Triumph.

While some SRPGs reward you for going in and drawing aggro, Fort Triumph takes the opposite approach. You want to focus on defensive play and striking at the right time to keep your health up and avoid potential death.

If you want a straightforward strategy to help you with various battles, start by sending out your Paladin or Barbarian toward the enemies. Have them use their Brace abilities, so they’ll take half damage while drawing the enemies out. You can then put your Mage and Ranger nearby with active Overwatch abilities. That way, when enemies try to attack your Paladin and Barbarian, you’ll automatically attack them and deal extra damage.

Once you draw them out, have your melee units press forward or use an environmental ability and run, forcing the enemy to spend their AP to catch up with you. Always keep your ranged units away from the enemies, so they can focus on damage.

Work Around The Fog Of War

The Barbarian is trapped in a cage with her friend in the other one in Fort Triumph.

Even though the game may only show two or three enemies on the screen, you must consider the fog of war while you play. Enemies can stand in the fog of war, meaning you can’t attack them until you see them. Because of that, you won’t want to commit to large movements until you work past the fog of war.

For example, you can move up to triple your distance using three AP. Doing so could cause you to run past an enemy or see them in the fog of war, unable to attack them. Instead, you should move one AP worth of movement at a time, so you can look for enemies and react from there. Since the fog of war will reveal more information as you move, you can potentially attack them with a long-range attack or even use an environmental ability to take down the enemy.

If you move and see the enemy, but can’t attack them, move to a position where you’ll have walls in the way. Doing so will prevent them from attacking you, so you can see what they do that turn, and attack them back while minimizing the damage you may take.

Your tank units work the best for scouting. You don’t need to worry as much if they get into attack range, though your ranged units can go down in a single turn.

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Check Your Fortress After Every Turn

The player looks over the fortress and thinks about using their resources in Fort Triumph.

Your fortress remains the most critical point in any game mode. You should go to the fortress after every battle to spend resources and look into available options. For example, you can go there to buy more space for party members, get new people to work with you, and get your characters passive upgrades to help them succeed in battles.

You can build your fort and add new upgrades to help your team. Usually, they each come with prerequisites for you to make those improvements. They also vary in currency, with some requiring renown, others requiring beet coins, and some having you use magic. You can find these resources in various locations.


What It’s Used For

Where To Get It


To upgrade your heroes directly.

You get renown when you win battles and perform well in them.

Beet Coins

To improve your town and build new facilities.

You receive beet coins from events on the field and passively in your fortress.


Used on your town and facilities.

You’ll find them as green orbs on the map and passively later on. You must use your steps to reach and get them.

Not only should you get a steady stream of resources, but you should constantly look for them as you explore the map. As soon as you run out of steps, click on your fortress in the top-right corner and see what upgrades you can buy. Start by focusing on the castle and university. They’ll let you gain more upgrades later while increasing your hero cap. From there, you should go to the guild upgrades and increase your party size to five, so you’ll have the largest party possible. Then, focus on all four upgrades in the bottom row to help you succeed in battle.

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