TechyHint Gaming Beating GTA 5, Chopping Down The Erdtree, And Bloodborne Combat

Beating GTA 5, Chopping Down The Erdtree, And Bloodborne Combat


Elden Ring Roundup

This week’s Elden Ring news shows just how popular it really is. It’s not every day that a game beats GTA 5 in terms of numbers of any kind, let alone YouTube views. Players like the game so much that they’re also introducing combat from other FromSoftware games so that they can hang out in The Lands Between some more. And finally, you can’t discuss which of the nightmarish creatures would make the best pet unless you’re knee-deep in the world of Tarnished and Dung Eaters.

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Elden Ring Dethrones GTA 5 As The Biggest YouTube Game Launch

For the past decade, GTA 5 has been sitting atop just about every player-count, sales, or profit based chart there is. But if there was one game that could knock it off its perch, it’s Elden Ring. While it’s not a major chart by any extent, beating GTA 5 to become the biggest gaming launch on YouTube is still a big deal.


Elden Ring received 3.4 billion video views in 60 days, which is a fair bit more than GTA 5’s 1.9 billion views it got during its launch. This was followed by Red Dead Redemption 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, and Skyrim. Funnily enough, Margit, The Fell Omen was the boss with the most number of video uploads to their name. It looks like that first boss stumped a lot of people.

Mod Introduces Combat Mechanics From Other FromSoftware Games

You may think that people create mods for something because they don’t like the default version of it. While that is true in specific cases, it’s only the most beloved games that have major modding communities – just look at Skyrim. Elden Ring has its own share of mods, but there’s one which stands out, based on its sheer depth.

The Sword Mastery – Total Combat Overhaul mod revamps the combat styles of the game’s various armaments. It changes the way not only you, but enemies, and even bosses can fight. The mod also incorporates Bloodborne’s side-to-side dashes to create a new dodging system, along with the Deflection, Perilous Attack, and Clashing systems from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Modder Axes Erdtree To Improve Performance

No matter where you go on the surface of The Lands Between, your final destination is always in sight. The Massive Erdtree looming in the distance watches your every move and every death, all while gobbling up a whole lot of frames. Its glowing particles – which later even have flames on them – hamper the game’s performance more than you’d think.

That’s why one modder decided to simply cut it down. The Remove Erdtree (FPS Boost) mod does what you’d expect and gets rid of the Erdtree, giving you a handy FPS boost. This is especially useful for mid-range PCs that otherwise can’t run Elden Ring. Now even more of you can jump into the fold. And if that wasn’t enough, one player decided to go under the Erdtree, to find a frozen Godfrey lurking about. Months on and discoveries are still being made.

Players Discuss Which Creature Would Make The Best Pet

When you’re not killing or being killed by them, Elden Ring’s creatures can be awfully cute. Maybe cute enough to make good pets. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t let you have pets of your own, and calling Summons pets would just be weird. I don’t know about you, but the idea of the Mimic – a duplicate of myself – being a house pet, freaks me out. So, someone floated the question on Reddit – which enemy or boss would make the best pet?

As you’d expect, the answers were as ridiculous as the question. Someone replied with a Jar Cairn, which doesn’t sound too bad, followed by answers like the shapeshifting Mimic Tear – again, freaky – and even the giant Turtle Pope Miriel.

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