Battlerite: Character Tier list


Battlerite: Character Tier list

Game addicts are naturally inquisitive and they always have some concerns in their minds. They are curious to know about new players, their statistics, strengths and weaknesses. Well, that’s really important in my opinion. Game play would have been a monotonous activity if the players had to stick to their usual heroes. So, the people controlling this industry have made appropriate changes considering the interests of the players!

Battlerite roles


These warriors play a very critical role in assisting and supporting their allies throughout the game. They may do everything in their power to heal themselves and ensure the protection of their allies.


Bruisers as the name suggests are capable of inflicting serious havoc. They have high mobility and preferred for their quick movements. Bruisers usually have moderate health and they basically count on their positioning capacity in order to maximize the damage.


For your information an assassin is someone who is involved in the killing of a political figure. As the name suggests, assassin have this ability of causing maximum destruction but they are fragile. If you want to make the best use of these players, you must be adept in positioning them properly and you must be sufficiently skilled to control them. That’s how you can cause maximum killings and ultimately make the best use of these heroes.


They are incredible if you talk in terms of their health. Tanks possess great health and they are the ones that lead from then front. They provide a solid and strong defense to their allies.


That’s another set of characters that have their own contribution to make. They can attack instantly and can eat up great amounts of health by posing serious threat to the enemies. If they are left on their own and allowed to play their natural game, they will take no time in shattering the entire defenses of the enemy forces


It’s not that important to discuss about their healing or damaging potential. What we need to know is that they have a remarkable set of skills and energies that can help them defeat even the strongest of enemies.

A brief description of the Tier list

S+ Tier

These heroes are undeniably the best and the strongest among all others. Known for their sheer power, they are capable of defeating the invincible. They can be utilized at any stage as they are properly equipped for that.


Pearl is the pick of all the players due to its exceptional healing abilities and damage potential. It is capable of defeating the toughest of enemies if it can be handled with great proficiency. Its admirable skills go a great deal in keeping the team alive and energetic. It can really be a headache for the opponents.


Known for its supporting role it can be a cause of real pain for the enemies. Dealing with Poloma at its best is not an easy job. It can cause excessive damage and has the nature of giving tough times to the rivals. It can remove all traces of enemy with its strong and brutal attacks. Moreover, her healing tendencies can’t be ignored!


Shifu is another super entry in the list. Known for its damage potential and healing abilities, this hero is capable of freeing its allies from the clutches of the enemy forces.

S Tier

These characters are often the first choice of the players due to their great skills. They can prove handy at any level of the game.


Luci is exceedingly admired and the choice of many due to her extraordinary damage potential, stunning healing tendency and immaculate shielding power. For me, Luci is the pick of the players!


Taya is another capable player that can prove really vital at any level.


Jumong is one of the finest players and an amazing fellow! It has got tremendous self-healing capabilities and has immunity whenever required. So don’t miss out on jumong!


Varesh is best known for its crowd controlling capabilities. It can deal well with different opponents under pressure.

A+ Tier

The A+ Tiers have their own role to play that can never be over looked but they are not considered as good as the characters that are present in the superior tiers.


Ashka is at the top of the list among the A+ tier. When it comes to mobility, Ashka has got great moves that can put anyone under confusion. Its burst can devastate the foes and can give them tough time. If she makes use of all her abilities she can break the back of the opponents.


Like Ashka it has splendid agility, strong defense mechanism and it has got several ways to escape. Be careful everyone, Croak can be a hard one to deal with.


Like other players, Iva has great mobility. It can be really deceptive with its fine and quick movements. It just not ends here; Iva also has an impeccable defense. They only flaw is her short range attack when it comes to the technicalities.


Jade is no different than other players of his category when it comes to mobility. It is capable of destroying the enemy forces regardless of their strength. It can prove catastrophic for its lengthy attacks.

A Tier

Every tier that is being discussed here for you contains players that have their own strengths and weakness. These characters don’t make the best choice and are less preferable because their weaknesses overshadow their strengths. A skilled player doesn’t need a character from any specific tier. He can manage well with almost any payer.


Freya is a treat to watch and play with. Famous for its mobility and strong poke, she is also capable of locking the enemy for long periods of time. She also has strong healing and defense techniques. If you can handle her with proficiency, you can make the best use of her abilities.


Sirius is another capable player. She has a reasonable healing power and defense. It’s always great to have Sirius by your side as she will never disappoint you.


Like Sirius, ezmo also has fine mobility and considerable poke damage. Her only flaw is her lack of burst that excludes her from the list of the finest players.


Despite being predictable Oldur has great healing tendency and a strong damage potential.

Tier B+

These set of characters have average skills but they don’t work well for any level of the game. Their strengths can be explored and maximized by someone who has great gaming skills. All that’s required from you is your proficiency in handling the player.


Bakko is an incredible character that is best known or his control. It is at times predictable but that doesn’t make him inefficient.

Tier B

These heroes are considered least preferable for their inefficiencies. They usually need the support of a champ in order to make them viable.

Tier C

The characters in this tier are of no good to anyone and that’s the reason why they are not chosen by many.

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