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Attack On Titan Outfits, Ranked


DBD Attack on Titan Zarina and Oni

When we talk about the best updates in Dead By Daylight, update 6.1.0 is definitely a worthy mention because of the massive meta shift in this one. Other than the core game changes, this update also saw the release of Dead By Daylight x Attack On Titan outfits in the game.

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Ten beloved original characters in the game got their own Attack On Titan outfits and two of these were Legendary Outfits, both belonging to killers. Other than that, eight survivors got a very rare outfit from one of the characters in the anime.


10 Jake Park – Levi

None of the Attack On Titan outfits released in the game are particularly bad. Unfortunately, Levi’s outfit rocked by Jake Park seems to be the lowest among them all. The designers got Levi’s features right, but Jake just doesn’t seem like the best candidate for it.

Jake Park had a facial design rework which made this one a lot better than it could be though. One of the best parts about this outfit is the hair looks exactly like Levi’s. It is a linked cosmetic just like every other outfit in this collection.

9 Felix Richter – Armin

Armin is one of the lead characters in Attack On Titan, and he’s the one with brains. When people looked at Felix, they knew that he had to be either Erwin or Armin, and it looks like the latter won. Felix is rocking the famous freedom jacket with golden hair.

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The outfit looks a little too simple, arguably the most minimalist out of the entire collection. There’s no direct way to tell that it’s Armin’s outfit other than the hair.

8 Dwight Fairfield – Eren

Unfortunately, Eren Yeager’s outfit is on one of the lower ranks in the entire collection as well. When you look at the outfit, it definitely screams of being a part of Eren, but the body features don’t particularly match. Eren is a thin character in all of his ages and Dwight is pretty muscular.

Further, Dwight’s personality in-game is goofy and scared, while Eren Yeager is anything but. On the outfit, Dwight has a casual smile on his face, and we’ve hardly ever seen Eren smile, except in the first season.

7 Meg Thomas – Annie

Annie is one of the most attention-deprived characters in the anime, given that she didn’t have a single cameo throughout the middle seasons. But, her popularity only increased because of the number of times the creators teased her.

One of the most distinguished features of Annie was her hairstyle. Sadly, Behavior Interactive decided to put her hoodie on, completely hiding her hair. With that gone, there is no way to distinguish this outfit from any other Military Police Regiment member in the anime.

6 Kate Denson – Historia

Kate Denson is known for getting the best outfits in Dead By Daylight. Her character is amazingly designed, and almost everything looks perfect on her. This remains the same for Historia’s outfit as she slays in it, especially with the small bang in the middle of her eyes.

Just like with a lot of other outfits, the designers failed to give this outfit a special touch. If you don’t read the name, it looks like a generic medieval woman outfit. Although, in terms of design itself, it’s probably one of the best ones in the game.

5 Yui Kimura – Mikasa

Mikasa is one of the most popular characters from Attack On Titan. Even people who haven’t watched the anime most likely know of this character. Thankfully, the designers lived up to the expectations and did justice to Mikasa’s outfit rocked by Yui Kimura.

This is one of the most accurate character choices for this collection as Yui Kimura is known for being a strong and sympathetic woman at the same time, just like Mikasa. The red scarf worn by her is a very specific touch that makes this one even better.

4 Ace Visconti – Kenny

Talking about perfect matches, one look at Ace’s Attack On Titan outfit, and you can tell that it belongs to Kenny. There couldn’t be any character more fit for this outfit than him. Ace also has an inherent smirk on his face which adds an extra touch since it’s something Kenny would have as well.

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The outfit also features Kenny’s special equipment on the back and a metal plate on his chest. Adorned with his famous hat, it made this one of the greatest outfits in the collection.

3 The Spirit – War Hammer Titan

This is the first one of the two Legendary Outfits in this collection that cost 1,485 Auric Cells. Legendary Outfits basically change the character completely, even their genders at times. They’re basically new characters with their own name and portraits.

While Spirit’s play style and lore don’t suit that of the brute force of War Hammer Titan, the designers still made her the perfect candidate for this outfit with their phenomenal skills. The only backdrop is, that she doesn’t actually have a hammer in this outfit as a weapon.

2 Zarina Kassir – Hange

Behold, the best Survivor outfit in the entire Attack On Titan collection, and it belongs to our beloved Hange. The outfit screams that it belongs to her, and it has everything Hange fans would expect including the eye patch which goes extremely well with the rest of the outfit.

In between Zarina being the perfect candidate, and designers hitting the bull’s eye with the details in the design, this outfit quickly climbs the rank of one of the best outfits in the entirety of Dead By Daylight.

1 The Oni – Armored Titan

Spirit’s in-game relative gets the award for the best Attack On Titan outfit, and it belongs to Reiner Braun’s Armored Titan. The initial look at the outfit doesn’t do justice to it as there is an entirely different look to it when Oni uses his power in-game.

The problem with Killer outfits is that you can’t really see them in the game as they have a first-person perspective. The designers found an interesting way to counter this as they added glowing red spikes on his arm that can be seen while dashing. This little detail with the aesthetically pleasing design of this outfit definitely gives it the crown.

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