Anime World Tower Defense Codes For October 2022



Get the new Anime World Tower Defense codes, a Roblox tower defense game with loads of anime characters to use as towers. We check our codes!

Get the latest Anime World Tower Defense codes, the latest popular Roblox tower defense game to arrive on the scene. This is a brand-new release, so some bugs and shutdowns are to be expected over the course of the next few days.

That also means codes, though! Anime World Tower Defense is a game that introduces all your favorite aspects of Roblox in one place: you’ve got gacha mechanics to roll new towers, training to improve your warriors, materials to collect, quests to complete… It’s got everything!

We added new codes on October 1st. We also removed a few of the expired codes.

All Anime World Tower Defense Codes

All working codes in October 2022.

CodeRewardDate Added
KingLuffyGold pieces and puzzle piecesActive (New Code)
BlamSpotGold pieces and puzzle piecesActive (New Code)
10MVisitsGold pieces and puzzle piecesActive (New Code)
NoclypsoGold pieces and puzzle piecesActive
FateUpdateDelayGold pieces and puzzle piecesActive
OitnaiWorkHardGold pieces and puzzle piecesActive
FateGold pieces and puzzle piecesActive
20KLikesGold pieces and puzzle piecesActive
XboxSupportGold pieces and puzzle piecesExpired
FreeGoldGold pieces and puzzle piecesExpired
SorryForBugGold pieces and puzzle piecesExpired
Aghhhh!Gold pieces and puzzle piecesExpired
New_Yosha!Gold pieces and puzzle piecesExpired
New_6MvisitGold pieces and puzzle piecesExpired
AWTDReleaseGold pieces and puzzle piecesExpired
10KLikesGold pieces and puzzle piecesExpired
1MvisitGold pieces and puzzle piecesExpired
SryForALotOfShutdownGold pieces and puzzle piecesExpired
GameReleaseGold pieces and puzzle piecesExpired

All codes are case-sensitive, including capital letters, numbers, and punctuation. Enter them correctly to get you rewards.


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How To Redeem Codes In Anime World Tower Defense

  • Hit the cog or settings button, bottom left
  • Scroll down
  • Enter the code and hit enter

If your code doesn’t work, it will give you an Invalid message. This either means you’ve entered it incorrectly (you want to make sure you copy and paste directly from our list for the numbers and capital letters) or the code has expired. We do check our codes regularly, but sometimes we’re off by an hour or so.

How To Get More Anime World Tower Defense Codes

We’ve collected all the working and expired AWTD codes in our wiki table above, and we check these pretty much every day. We make it super easy for you to get the latest codes. If you want to keep track of what’s happening in the game yourself, you should check out the game’s official Discord server for update news, codes, and more.

What Are AWTD Codes?

Codes are free rewards given out by the team at Lazy Cat Studio, the developers of AWTD. These are typically released when the game has a new update or hits a certain number of likes – the previous code was released at 20k likes, and we expect another one at 25kk or 30k likes. These codes can be redeemed for Gold and Puzzle Pieces. Gold is used to purchase upgrades and rolls for new towers, whereas Puzzle Pieces can be used to craft new towers from scratch.

What Is Anime World Tower Defense?

This is the revamped version of Anime World Tower Defense following a number of shutdowns during its release earlier this month. The game is back though, and better than ever. It’s a Tower Defense game, one of the most popular genres on Roblox right now, that involves leveling, collecting, and training an army of powerful anime-themed towers.

In this way, it combines a lot of what is popular about Roblox games and keeps people playing. There will also be guilds, new worlds, new challenges, and of course, more towers, added as the game is updated.

Latest Anime World Tower Defense Update

The latest update for AWTD added a bunch of quality of life changes because it was technically a “revamped” release of the game. So this includes stuff like a lobby revamp, better UI, smoother performance and less lag, and a bunch of other QoL and balance changes. Jump directly to the game page here to get more info.

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