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All the Diablo Immortal Classes


Diablo Immortal Classes


In the Diablo series, figuring out which class to commit to deems a daunting task. This rings especially true for players unfamiliar with the pros and cons of each respective class. Some are close ranged tanks, while certain classes excel at destroying from afar. Though there are no bad classes, there are definitely various aspects as to choosing a favorite class to commit to. So here are all the Diablo Immortal Classes.

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There are a total of six classes in Diablo Immortal. These have existed since the previous game entries, and honestly aren’t anything necessarily new. But for players who have yet to delve into the series, here is a brief overview of the classes.

Demon Hunter

This class plays as a classic long ranged damage dealer. For solo runs, the class plays exceptionally well. It’s actually the only class that can attack while moving, with others requiring to either slow down or come to a complete stop. Anyway, this particular class deals the most single target damage out of every other class. Therefore, it’s incredibly useful for boss runs and general solo play throughs. But although it can run and gun, Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter lacks mobility. And because of its relatively squishy stats, the Demon Hunter is one of the weakest in PvP.


The Monk is a fast paced melee class with incredibly high mobility. This class excels at dealing crowd control and area of effect damage. It engages while providing shields and buffs for their teammates, making the class an incredible asset for both PvP and general party play. Diablo Immortal Monk boasts short cooldown, but skill rotation serves essential to maximizing damage and utility output.


Lord of the undead, this class is a mid range that plays as a jack of all traits. The play style revolves around using corpses, which create bonus effects for the Necromancer. Diablo Immortal Necromancer has the most CC out of every class in the game, but relatively low mobility. The Necromancer easily has the best ultimate in the game, which sends out heat seeking missiles to both single target and multiple enemies.


Diablo Immortal Wizards deal area of effect for either close or long range attacks. They’re great at zone controlling, creating area of effect circles that slow and deal large damage. But the issue with the pick is that all the Wizard’s skills are skill shots. In essence, players need to aim their abilities. This makes the class the highest skill expression in the game. For those looking to breeze past the game with little mechanical prowess, probably avoid Diablo Immortal Wizard. And for those attempting to style on enemies, Wizard is a pretty solid choice.


This is the most definitive tank role Diablo Immortal. Using melee attacks alongside defensive optimizations, Diablo Immortal Crusader grants the player invulnerability. In addition, thanks to the class’s ability to ride a horse, the Crusader boasts the fastest mobility in the game. The downside is that the class has high cooldown, and its single target damage is lacking.


Diablo Immortal Barbarian uses melee, and is generally very strong for mob killing. It’s also one of the best classes for PvP, thanks to its high HP stats and CC capabilities. Since the class is very fast, in PvP battles, the squishier targets will have a hard time fleeing and kiting the Barbarian. And once it closes the gap, the area of effect damage and CC allow them to burst down the enemy.

In Conclusion

Hopefully this list of the Diablo Immortal Classes helps players understand the differences between each class a bit more effectively. Do keep in mind, every class works. There’s no “bad” class in the game, so pick whichever play style suits the reader best. Different classes simply have different strengths. And unless players are attempting to reach the top of the leaderboards for either PvP or Group Challenges, just play whichever playstyle seems the most fun.

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