All Memory Locations In Disney Dreamlight Valley


Scar from The Lion King, Woody from Toy Story, and a Memory Orb, all from Disney Dreamlight Valley

Find all the snapshots of your favorite characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley by collecting all Memories.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is full of your favorite characters, and you! As the player, you may be wondering what happened before the Forgetting. What are some of the Disney character’s pasts like? What was your own character’s history in all this?

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Memories in Disney Dreamlight Valley allow you to view snapshot photos from famous movies of the well-loved villagers within the game. There are special memories hidden away around the valley that connect back to you, the player, as well. Below are details on how to find all the memories.

What Are Memory Orbs?

mother gothel and player character next to memory orb in frozen heights in dreamlight valley

Memory orbs are spherical, glowing objects that spout from the ground for various reasons. You can interact with these orbs to pick them up and then a piece of an image will be revealed to you.


These Memory orbs are essentially puzzle pieces to a bigger picture. Once you have found all the pieces for a single image, a snapshot of one of your villagers will be revealed. You will get to see original snapshots straight from the movies your villagers are from. Dreamlight Valley photos will show your Disney characters around the valley as it pertains to the game’s story.

Collecting Memory pieces has no effect on your progress within the game. They act as collectibles and insight into the game’s story should you wish to indulge.

How To Get Memory Orbs

disney dreamlight valley watering plants

You may have already noticed Memory orbs flying out from the ground upon an action or an activity you were performing. Basic daily tasks are how you find Memory orbs, and each picture has one set activity.

For instance, to find Memory pieces for the first Wall-E photo, you must dig, while you have to go fishing to get Memory pieces for Moana’s first photo.

The activity “watering flowers” only pertains to watering dried-out, withered flowers. These are dark, shadow-like flowers.

Memory pieces that are not tailored to a specific Disney character, but rather the game itself, are only found by progressing within the game. This involves completing quests, unlocking new biomes, and inviting new villagers into town. Memory orbs are not guaranteed to drop while performing these activities, as the rate of spawn is significantly low.

Click Read More for the tasks you need to complete for each Memory.

What If My Memories Aren’t Spawning?

player character standing in front of dream castle doors in dreamlight valley

When you interact with a Memory orb, sometimes a piece of a photo will not reveal itself. Instead, you will just get money.

The reason for this is that you may have already exhausted that method of Memory farming, and have found all there is in the game so far. The best way to check different methods to find memories is by heading to the Collection menu.

If you hit the exit button that allows you to visit the main hub where your Settings, Map, and Quests are, you will also find a Collection tab. The Collection tab documents everything you have found within the valley, such as different fish, villagers, and more. Memories will be first on the list in the Collection menu.

Memories in this menu are organized based on theme and movie. If you hover over any empty slots, it will tell you the daily activity you need to do in order to yield more Memory pieces for that story. The game may list more memories than you may be able to physically collect since the game is currently in Early Access.

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