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A Plague Tale Requiem: Best Character Quotes


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Though the most common quote you’ll hear from nearly every character is a continuous “Yes!” each main character in A Plague Tale: Requiem is easily distinguishable from one another. Most characters in the game are main characters in their own right, taking complete control over their portions of the game.

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You may hear more from Amicia and Hugo, but their allies and foes have plenty of their own memorable lines. Aside from the two playable protagonists, characters like Lucas, Beatrice, Arnaud, Sophia, and others have unique personalities that stand out. Here’s a quote from each main character that sums up who they are.


9/9 Amicia- “I’m Amicia De Rune, And I Kneel To No One!”

a plague tale requiem amicia on the beach

Amicia is easily the most brazen character in the game, which makes sense for the main playable character. Though she’s only a teenager, she’ll put her life on the line in mere seconds if it means she’s protecting her brother.

Internally, Amicia is deeply afraid of being alone, which tends to fuel her motivations and decision-making. But both internally and externally, Amicia is incredibly brave and fiercely protective over those she loves. Amicia says this line during what feels like her most incredible show of physical strength.

8/9 Hugo- “I Will be… If I Kill All I Love.”

a plague tale requiem hugo says goodbye to amicia

There are many ways to describe Hugo. He’s loving, kind, and often selfless. He deeply loves all his allies and is quick to share this love with all who surround him. Though Hugo wants to feel safe and happy, he cares more for the safety and happiness of others.

It’s instinctual for Hugo to want to help, even if it means putting himself in harm’s way. So, when the Macula completely takes over, Hugo selflessly realizes that the lives of his friends are more important than his own. Life isn’t worth living for Hugo if it means hurting everyone around him. He’ll consider himself a monster if he’s the cause of everyone and everything’s death.

7/9 Lucas- “Yes, Because This World Hurts, And It Keeps Hurting.”

a plague tale requiem lucas empathizes with amicia in dungeon

Lucas is the constant voice of reason in the story. He isn’t the most confident character, but he’s confident in his friends and their ability to survive. Lucas spends a lot of his time bringing Amicia back down to Earth. He calls her out when she’s acting erratically and irresponsibly but still takes the time to comfort her and reason with her.

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Rather than pretending that things are always okay, he acknowledges the pain in the nightmarish world they’re living in but still finds a way to use this line to encourage Amicia.

6/9 Arnaud- “Focus On What Matters To You.”

a plague tale requiem arnaud

Though he enters the game as an antagonist, Arnaud quickly becomes one of the most lovable characters in the game. He’s not always serious and takes any chance he gets to make a snide joke or comment. He seems selfish, but he’s actually extremely loyal and caring.

Arnaud says this to Amicia after saving her life. Arnaud has shown time and time again that once he sets his mind to something, he’s completely focused on the task; whether it’s killing a foe or protecting his new friends, Arnaud is always dedicated to his ambitions.

5/9 Sophia- “And, For Some Stupid Reason, I Like You.”

a plague tale requiem sophia

Here, Sophia is trying to express her compassion toward Amicia and Hugo, but her often unserious attitude makes it sound like a backhanded compliment. Similar to Arnaud, Sophia is tough and invulnerable on the outside, but inside she’s a genuine, caring friend.

She finally allows herself to show some sign of vulnerability while talking to the pair, realizing that the children need an adult like her to keep them stable. Still, she doesn’t fully give in to the vulnerability, protecting herself with a bit of humor.

4/9 Beatrice- “I’m So Proud Of You.”

a plague tale requiem beatrice tells amicia she's proud of her before dying

Beatrice is more than a mother, but her role in Requiem hones in on her maternal instincts. She wants to protect her children in any way that she can, and she realizes that though Hugo will melt into her arms, Amicia has become a tougher egg to crack.

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Regardless of their turbulent relationship, Amicia and Hugo are the two most important people in her life, and in her last moments, she finally gives Amicia the assurance that she needs. She uses her last words to show her love for her daughter.

3/9 Magister Vaudin- “As For Me, I’m Going To Rest.”

a plague tale requiem vaudin dismisses amicia

Each second Magister Vaudin spends in the story is seemingly another moment wasted. Though he provides the group with new information, he is completely devoid of compassion and virtually does nothing to help them.

Vaudin says this in the midst of heightened emotions among the group. He’s just bluntly told Amicia that Hugo will die, and while she’s clearly panicking and having a strong reaction, he speaks to her in a condescending, matter-of-fact way. It’s clear that he doesn’t feel empathy for Hugo or the group, as he’s easily able to leave the room and sleep while tragedy looms.

2/9 Emilie- “When I Was Her Age… I Could Only Wish For This Kind Of Love.”

a plague tale requiem emilie talks about neglect before killing beatrice

Emilie uses cultish language when she’s on-screen, worshiping a child god she wants to mother. And saying she’s the Child of Embers’ mother isn’t a symbolic statement. Emilie’s greatest ambition is to be a mother. She’ll suggest that she’s struggling to have children of her own and sees Hugo as her destined son.

When talking to Beatrice, she mentions that she lacked the loving mother-daughter relationship she and Amicia share. Even in her final moments, Emilie desperately tries to fill a void inside her.

1/9 Victor- “People Like Us… We Are Born To Feed That Fire.”a plague tale requiem count victor quote

Emilie is Victor’s only soft spot. Though he’s generally violent, Emilie’s existence is the only thing between him and evil. Once Emilie is dead, Victor allows himself to fully be the terrible person he truly is.

Emilie may have inspired him to be good, but Victor continues to thrive in conflict and bloodshed. When he says this line, he’s attempting to compare himself to Arnaud, but he doesn’t realize how different the two are. Arnaud’s fire comes from compassion, while Victor’s is sourced from pure selfishness.

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