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a plague tale requiem best character designs

Taking place in 14th century France, A Plague Tale: Requiem showcases a great number of character designs that vary based on each character’s class status, geographical location, and occupation. While leading protagonist, Amicia, wears pants, other female characters wear dresses and skirts, and while Magister Vaudin wears special garb related to his occupation, others dress more casually.

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Nobles, soldiers, alchemists, and children are easily identifiable in this game, and each character’s clothing and physical attributes are perfectly constructed. Though there are so many great character designs in this game, these are the best in A Plague Tale: Requiem.


10/10 Amicia De Rune

Starting with main playable character, Amicia de Rune, the hero and protector’s design stands out amongst the other characters. Amicia isn’t the only female character to wear pants, as Sophia wears her own style, but for a substantial portion of the game, she’s the only character you’ll see dressed this way.

Her iconic braid generally falls behind her, but her hair does change throughout the plot based on injuries and life changes, showing that characters can be affected by the surrounding environment. Her overall appearance is fitting for the role of a protagonist.

9/10 Lucas

a plague tale requiem amicia and lucas at the harbor

Lucas is one of the few characters that wears a cape, which you may notice is held together by the same pin the de Runes wear. If you played A Plague Tale: Innocence, you may notice Lucas looks a bit different from his previous design, but this new look is a welcomed change.

Lucas now has more prominent facial features and hair that sets him apart from other male characters. And in true alchemist fashion, Lucas sports a utility belt to hold his alchemy equipment.

8/10 Hugo De Rune

Hugo de Rune on the mystical island with a phoenix in A Plague Tale: Requiem

Easily the most adorable character in both games, Hugo de Rune stands out in many ways. He is the only main character under six years old in the game, and both his height and innocent facial features make his age clear.

The only time he doesn’t look so angelic, is when his veins creep across his face from his Macula infection. This detail helps to highlight when the little guy isn’t quite feeling like himself, and also works as a plot device to suggest something bad is coming.

7/10 Arnaud “The Wall”

a plague tale requiem arnaud talking to sophia

Originally one of Count Victor’s knights, known as “The Wall,” Arnaud is a large man who towers over the other characters. He wears heavy armor that highlights his status as both a knight and a leader. Part of his design features a large shield, which is a staple to both his appearance and character.

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Arnaud also has longer hair than many of the other male characters, which he wears pulled back into a bun. Without his armor, Arnaud is still a large man, but it’s not until it’s removed that you notice his actual size.

6/10 Sophia

Sophia standing against a gold backdrop in A Plague Tale Requiem

Another female character that easily stands out among the rest is Sophia, the smuggler and ship captain that accompanies you on half of your journey. Sophia incorporates layers into her look, which can be seen through her stacked jewelry, and multiple articles of clothing.

She also wears pants, but they have a more billowy and relaxed shape, and are accompanied by a beaded sash around her waist. Sophia is also one of the few characters that wears her hair down, which is decorated with dark curls and a burgundy headscarf.

5/10 Emilie The Countess

a plague tale requiem emilie and beatrice

When you first meet Emilie, her look and outfit is more closely aligned with a noble woman, but it’s when you see her in ceremonial garb that you really see her for who she is.

Her main title may be Countess, but she clearly leans more favorably towards her Priestess status. Her true identity shines through when she’s wearing red cloaks or flower crowns. Wearing these outfits help to reveal Emilie’s deluded way of thinking, showing just how far she’s been taken out of reality.

4/10 Victor The Count

a plague tale requiem victor

The Count’s look is similar to Emilie’s when you first meet her. He wears a wolf’s fur with the head still attached, signifying his wealth and status as a leader. His yellow and black color scheme demand attention, which helps you keep an eye on him in more dire situations. Yellow is also a color that often represents illness, which can be viewed as foreshadowing for what’s to come, and how unprepared he is for the game’s events.

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He also wears armor and carries weaponry, which show that he’s a seasoned fighter who’s seen war, rather than stayed on the sidelines in a delegator role.

3/10 Beekeeper

a plague tale requiem beekeepers

You don’t spend too much time with the Beekeepers, but they’re still memorable nonetheless. The creepy enemies are faceless, as what looks like a woven basket covers their faces, likely to protect them from bee stings.

The first Beekeeper you see is covered in blood soaked clothing, with his hands being the only visible skin. Their design is simple and yet terrifying, as you don’t know who’s under the mask. It’s also interesting to see a 14th century French take on a Beekeeper, which is significantly different from the Beekeepers you see today.

2/10 Beatrice De Rune

a plague tale requiem amicia and beatrice

Like Lucas, Beatrice is another character whose appearance is slightly changed. Her braided hair, headband, and her necklace remain the same, but her facial features are more detailed and realistic. She also wears a different dress that incorporates a shawl and cape combo that covers her upper body.

As an alchemist, Beatrice wears a belt with her alchemy equipment attached. Her overall outfit is a bit more tactical than the more formal dress she wore previously, and her character design shows the shift in lifestyle the de Rune family has had since the events of the first game.

1/10 Magister Vaudin

amicia asking vaudin for help

Magister Vaudin is one of the new characters in A Plague Tale: Requiem, and his role in the story is to help the group, while still providing more insight into the happenings of The Order. As a leader in the group of alchemists, Magister Vaudin is in a high ranking position because of his advanced knowledge.

His costume signifies his position in The Order, as he wears a special red cap and purple robe with a black stole with The Order’s symbol embroidered in gold. He has bags under his eyes, which help to show his age, but also how potentially exhausting his current situation is.

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