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9 Best Weapon Trinkets In Deathloop


DEATHLOOP Weapon Trinkets Feature


In Deathloop, you will be making your way through the island of Blackreef over and over again until you figure out how to break the loop. On your way, you’ll come across many different weapons and upgrades. The upgrades are called Trinkets.

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Between each level, you’ll have the option to customize your loadout – here, you can equip the weapons you want to take with Trinkets. The higher tier the weapon, the more Trinkets it can hold. They will offer boosts and abilities, and these are some of the best to use.

Updated September 24, 2022 by Peter Voight: There is no better time to jump into Deathloop, Arkane Studios’ 2021 critical darling. The rogue-lite, immersive sim is getting a new lease on life with its recent Golden Loop update, and it looks to have plenty of content to sink your teeth into. Additions include new upgrades for Julianna’s Masquerade ability, new Trinkets, a new laser weapon, and an extended ending to get gamers back into the loop we adored discovering last year. Gamers also have more ways to play now that the game is on Xbox Game Pass, thanks to Xbox’s acquisition of Bethesda. This means crossplay is available between all consoles, and cross-save is available between Xbox and PC. With so many ways to play and loads of new upgrades, finding the best Trinkets for your next trip into Blackreef is crucial.


9 Mind Leech – Take Their Breath Away

  • Trinket: Mind Leech

  • Type Referenced: Purple Tier

  • Description: “Enemies suffer damage AND severe power loss when you shoot them.”

While Mind Leech is only useful in a handful of situations, it is one of Deathloop’s strongest Trinkets if deployed correctly. This Trinket isn’t for regular enemies; this is for the big fish. Against visionaries and Julianna invaders, Mind Leech will damage both health and power, giving you an immediate upper hand.

Some players even say the Trinket is overpowered in PVP because of its power-draining capabilities. It does make sense: putting your enemies in a torture chamber they can’t shift away from is quite the advantage.

8 Mobile Marksman – Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

  • Trinket: Mobile Marksman

  • Type Referenced: Purple Tier

  • Description: “Move even faster while aiming down weapon sights. Fast and fastidious.”

For many players, speed is the name of the game in Deathloop. Traversing the map while keeping your wits about you and staying engaged in combat is crucial.

Mobile marksman is a simple Trinket, but a handy one that will allow you to move faster while aiming down your sights. Any players looking to primarily use a sniper rifle in Deathloop will welcome this Trinket’s ability to give you more mobility while staring down your enemies from far away.

7 Stopping Power – Slow On Health

  • Trinket: Stopping Power

  • Type Referenced: Purple Tier

  • Description: “Damaging an enemy greatly slows the start of their health regeneration.”

Stopping Power is another Deathloop weapon Trinket most useful against visionaries and in PVP. The Trinket slows your target’s health regeneration, giving you a window in which you can take a large chunk of health away from your opponent. Used with Mind Leech, your opponent will have no chance of recovering quickly enough to take you down.

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If you really want to take things up a notch, combining Mind Leech, Stopping Power, and Big Box may be one of the most lethal combinations in the game, fit for visionaries and big crowds alike.

6 Sure Shot – Aim, Breathe, Squeeze

  • Trinket: Sure Shot

  • Type Referenced: Purple Tier

  • Description: “Greatly increases range at which weapon is accurate.”

The guns in Deathloop are generally designed with different purposes in mind. Shotguns are short-range, snipers are long-range, and everything in between will excel in another aspect, such as damage or rate of fire. However, popping the Sure Shot Trinket onto your gun will make sure it doesn’t lose its accuracy as the bullet travels.

The Sure Shot Trinket is the perfect match for a gun such as the Heritage Gun, which can fire powerful slugs on your enemies. Similarly, pairing it with the PT-6 Spiker will mean these silent nails can take out Eternalists from a great distance, pushing your stealth capabilities even further. Depending on the playstyle you’re going for, Sure Shot can easily make your weapons of choice much more useful.

5 Lightning Strike – Ain’t No Distance Far Enough

  • Trinket: Lightning Strike

  • Type Referenced: Purple Tier

  • Description: “The distance over which your weapon does full damage is greatly increased.”

Perfect to pair with Sure Shot, the Lightning Strike Trinket will allow your weapons to maintain their damage across a much greater distance. While you could just slap this on a sniper rifle and be done with it, there are many great uses.

For example, the Heritage Gun or the Rapier – both of which fire slugs – will benefit immensely from dealing their full damage from a long distance. Using this in the right circumstances, you can become near unstoppable. Use some Residuum to infuse a weapon equipped with this Trinket, and you’ll find it hardly ever leaves your loadout.

4 Big Box – Packed Full Of Ammo

  • Trinket: Big Box

  • Type Referenced: Purple Tier

  • Description: “Your magazines aren’t larger, but they carry a lot more bullets. Creepy.”

There is a wide selection of guns to pick from in Deathloop, which can be perfect to build a loadout that suits your playstyle. Some of the guns are automatic, meaning you can unleash chaos upon enemies as you rip and tear through the levels.

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If this kind of approach speaks to you, and you favor guns such as the Limp-10 SMG or the MG-1 “Pepper Mill,” then Big Box will be perfect. This Trinket will increase the size of the magazine in the gun, meaning there is less time needed to reload and put yourself at risk.

3 Speedloader – A Brief Pause, Then More Bullets

  • Trinket: Speedloader

  • Type Referenced: Purple Tier

  • Description: “Reload speed is greatly decreased. Practice makes perfect.”

If you do decide to pick a large gun with a fast rate of fire, equipped with the aforementioned Big Box Trinket, then this one may be yet another to consider adding to your arsenal. The Speedloader Trinket will cut down the time you have to spend reloading, which can be a lengthy animation on some guns.

Another great use would be for a sniper, such as the Sepulchra Breteira. As standard, the rifle can only hold three bullets in the magazine at a time. While Big Box could increase this, Speedloader might be just as beneficial to almost remove the reload times between each shot – then again, you could just equip both of these Trinkets at once.

2 Perforator – Kill Two Eternalists With One Nail

  • Trinket: Perforator

  • Type Referenced: Purple Tier

  • Description: “Bullets tear through enemy ranks. As satisfying as it sounds.”

There’s a large crowd of Eternalists standing in your way, and you don’t have the time or patience to skirt around them, pick them off, or wait for them to disperse. Well, with Perforator, just fire off some shots, and the bullets will hit multiple enemies at once – no matter how long you want to spend playing the game, this never gets old.

This can work for loud and aggressive guns, for when you just want to unleash hell and destroy an entire group of enemies so you can be on your way. However, this Trinket can also be utilized with guns such as the PT-6 Spiker, as you can align yourself with enemies to kill two Eternalists with one nail – tactical.

1 Hailfire – Bring The Chaos, Bring It Fast

  • Trinket: Hailfire

  • Type Referenced: Purple Tier

  • Description: “Greatly increases rate of fire. Rain death down on Blackreef!”

The description for this one says it all. A perfect Trinket that will work with every gun in the game, Hailfire will make you a nearly unstoppable force for your enemies. With the MG-1 “Pepper Mill,” also paired with Big Box and Speedloader, you can easily take down an entire map.

This Trinket can also work with shotguns and pistols, however, and will make those chaotic moments even more chaotic – but you will likely be significantly safer than you would without it. If you like dual-wielding, shooting the big guns, or just embodying chaos as you walk, then Hailfire is the perfect way to top off your arsenal.

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