TechyHint Gaming 8 Must Play Games Similar To Hardspace: Shipbreaker

8 Must Play Games Similar To Hardspace: Shipbreaker


Games Like Hardspace Shipbreaker Featured Elite Dangerous Surviving Mars Portal

Hardspace: Shipbreaker is a science fiction puzzle-solving game. You’ve got a debt to pay, so it’s time to start your life as a salvager. The game revolves around you salvaging old spaceships in the most efficient way possible. With stunning graphics, you’ll feel like you’re truly in space as you take apart these ships and earn money to pay off what you owe.

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Whether you play Hardspace: Shipbreaker for the space aesthetic or for the puzzle-solving element, there are several other games you may enjoy just like it. Keep your spacesuits on as we blast off into other awesome adventures.


8/8 Portal

No science fiction puzzle game can beat one of the most iconic video games of all time: Portal. If you like Hardspace: Shipbreaker, you’ll undoubtedly find Portal a blast to play.

The gist of Portal is simple: you’re trying to escape the lab you’re trapped in by an evil A.I., armed only with a portal gun. This device is a clever mechanic that allows you to solve the game’s innovative and engaging puzzles. Portal is single-player, but its sequel does have a few multiplayer features.

7/8 No Man’s Sky

If you love the feel of space exploration that Hardspace: Shipbreaker provides, you’ll find No Man’s Sky a thrilling game to try out. Take to the stars to explore the endless universe, filled with dozens of unique—and dangerous—planets to discover.

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No Man’s Sky also tests your strategic skills. As a survival game, you have to monitor your vitals and supplies at all times. Each planet also has its own set of hazards or perils to overcome. While the game generates random worlds, there is also an intriguing storyline to follow as you explore your way across the galaxy.

6/8 Space Engineers

Space Engineers is like No Man’s Sky meets Minecraft: a building-centric game set in outer space. If you enjoy Hardspace: Shipbreaker’s salvaging gig, you’ll like Space Engineers for the ship design aspect.

You can play this game no matter what your mood. Want to design a spaceship? Play in creative mode. Interested in a more intense challenge? Try survival mode. And, if you’re handy with code, you can even program your own games to play solo or with friends. Space Engineers is truly a game without limits!

5/8 Outer Wilds

Looking for more space exploration? Look no further than Outer Wilds, the quest to save the galaxy from an inexplicable time loop. Unlike the other exploration titles mentioned, Outer Wilds has a more robust and engaging story, putting you at the center of a mystery that needs solving.

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Like in Hardspace: Shipbreaker, you’ll need to put on your thinking cap for Outer Wilds, figuring out the best tools to help you explore each unique world and piece together the mystery. Also, Outer Wilds has a ton of DLC content, providing even more unique storylines to untangle.

4/8 Surviving Mars

Taking the science fiction puzzle game from another angle, Surviving Mars focuses not on individual survival but building a thriving society. Creating this Martian colony is far from simple, requiring strategy as you solve problems for individual colonists and set up proper infrastructure for your city.

Surviving Mars also has plenty of mysteries to solve, too. From research to exploration of the planet’s surface, you’ll be able to discover many secrets about your new planetary home. There’s also extra content to take your settlement to the next level and the ability to share your designs and mods with other players of the game.

3/8 Elite Dangerous

If you’re looking for a space adventure with a little more action and multiplayer ability, Elite Dangerous may be the game for you. This massive multiplayer epic puts you right in the heart of a corrupt and chaotic Milky Way Galaxy. You work your way up to build bigger ships, take on more dangerous missions, and explore the stunning starscape.

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Elite Dangerous is an immersive experience with one of the most ambitious open-world creations. Not in the mood to play with others? You can always soar the stars in Solo Mode.

2/8 StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 is a multi-campaign science fiction game where you struggle to bring peace to a universe following an alien war. The game is well worth the investment, lasting for hours of gameplay and complete with multiple missions and storylines to follow.

This game is a fantastic choice for fans of Hardspace: Shipbreaker, whether you like the space exploration angle or the puzzle solving. StarCraft 2 uses real-time strategy in combat, meaning you’ll have to think fast as you come up with solutions to overcome challenges.

1/8 Good Job

This game doesn’t take place in space, but Good Job is a hilarious and entertaining puzzle-solving game. If you love the puzzle-solving aspect of Hardspace: Shipbreaker, you’ll find Good Job a riveting and challenging experience. Plus, this game is multiplayer!

Good Job is set in an office building and involves fixing various problems to help other employees in their work. You have to be careful though: everything—and we mean everything—in each room is very fragile. Your goal is to solve all the puzzles while causing the least damage.

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