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7 Times The Antagonists Assaulted Your Safehouse


Safehouses Attacked Featured Split Image Dragon Age and Arkham knight

In many video games, most locations you visit are very dangerous because they often contain hostile humans, animals, or creatures. This is why safehouses exist, as they give you a nice place to relax where you don’t have to worry about being attacked.

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This peaceful utopia usually allows you to mess around with your equipment, talk to people, or do anything you can’t do in combat. However, sometimes a safehouse doesn’t live up to its name, and you actually end up getting attacked by the antagonists. This usually happens towards the end of the story to ramp up the drama. It certainly works in the following titles.


7 Corypheus’s Forces Attack Haven – Dragon Age: Inquisition

Haven serves as the home for the Inquisition for the first several hours of DAI. It’s a nice spot until Corypheus comes calling. The evil Darkspawn is a villain who seeks godhood, but he needs the special anchor embedded in the hero’s hand to achieve his dreams. So, alongside either the Red Templars or the Venatori, he launches an all-out attack on Haven.

As it isn’t the most defensible place, the protagonist is forced to go out in the field and attempt to thin the enemy forces before they reach the gates. Thankfully, they have some trebuchets to weaken them. It isn’t enough, though, as eventually, the evil forces make it into Haven and tear it apart. After the mission, the main characters end up having to leave to find a new home.

6 Kreisau Circle’s Hidden Base Is Found By The Nazis – Wolfenstein: The New Order

In the universe of Wolfenstein, the Nazis won WW2 and now rule the world. So, the protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz has to join the resistance known as the Kreisau Circle, which has a well-hidden base within the German’s own Monuments Of Truth. Or at least, it seems to be well-hidden until the Nazis find and overrun the place.

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They are characteristically merciless as they enter the place and kill most people. Not everyone is immediately executed, though, as some are taken prisoner while others are able to hide from the invaders. The protagonist isn’t there when it all starts, but he arrives later to kill any remaining attackers while the place burns.

5 Merryweather Attacks The De Santa Residence – Grand Theft Auto 5

Several of the best safehouses in gaming are from the Grand Theft Auto series. Yet, they’re generally more stylish than impenetrable. That is the case for Michael’s family home in GTA5. The place is just a flashy house, so the private Militia known as Merryweather doesn’t have a hard time storming the place late in the story.

They’re under the orders of Devin Watson, who orchestrates the attack when Michael isn’t there. When the protagonist finds out, he rushes home. Once there, he takes out the guys grabbing his wife and daughter before clearing out the rest of the house.

4 The Collectors Take Away Members Of The Normandy Crew – Mass Effect 2

Throughout Mass Effect 2, the Normandy ship serves as a safe haven for Commander Shepard and their crew. However, when EDI is installing a Reaper IFF onto the vessel, it broadcasts its location to the Collectors.

The creepy bug-life beings then board the ship and start grabbing people. They’re a species that harvests other species, so they see the Normandy crew as subjects. Shepard and all their mission companions aren’t there at the time. Therefore, Joker and EDI are the only ones who can save the ship. They succeed in getting rid of the intruders, but they can’t save any of the crew.

3 The Assault On The GCPD – Batman: Arkham Knight

In Arkham Knight, the GCPD is one of the only safe places in Gotham City. It contains most of Batman’s allies and anyone else he finds on his adventure. Late in the game, the place becomes a target for Scarecrow and his militia.

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They attack the supposed safe haven with all their might, as they use a whole fleet of combat vehicles and tanks to assault the GCPD. Batman must use the Batmobile and Oracle’s hacking ability to combat them. Then he has to go up to the roof to stop the troops from breaking in that way. Even with all their combined strength, they can’t get past Batman.

2 Emergency Shelter Gets Overrun By Zombies – Dead Rising 2

Unsurprisingly, there’s a zombie outbreak at the start of Dead Rising 2. Iconic zombie survivor, Chuck Greene, avoids getting eaten long enough to get him and his daughter to an emergency shelter. It serves as a good place to bunker down for most of the game. Chuck even brings survivors back there.

Yet, late in the story, the door to the shelter is opened, and members of the undead horde come pouring through. And soon, the place becomes filled with zombies, who start attacking and killing the survivors. It’s up to Chuck to close the door and stop them.

1 The O’Driscoll Gang Visit Shady Belle – Red Dead Redemption 2

As they’re on the run in RDR2, The Van Der Linde Gang is continually forced to find a new place to live. One of their best locations is Shady Belle, a big house surrounded by swampland. Not too long after the gang settles into the place, their rivals, the O’Driscolls, set up an ambush.

The evil gang starts by sending poor headless Kieran into the camp to shock and distract the crew. Then, they begin to attack the place. All of the best gunslingers are instructed to stay and fight. The protagonist, Arthur, has to go to different parts of the hideout to fend off the invaders. The Van Der Linde gang wins the fight eventually.

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