7 Things That Make No Sense In Dead Space


Scenes of Isaac exploring in Dead Space, including fighting a necromorph

In 2008, Dead Space horrified us with its grisly imagery and gnarly death sequences. Isaac Clarke, the protagonist of this bloody space affair, is thrown into a gauntlet of horrors that would ultimately lead to a lifetime of therapy for most folks. John Carpenter, the legendary director of The Thing, would be mighty proud.

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The remake reintroduces this horrifying world to a new generation. While a popular survival horror title, it’s not entirely airtight as far as logic or plot holes are concerned. In fact, there are a few details that might have some scratching their heads.


7 The Invisible Inventory

This might be the most “game” detail of the bunch. Of course, it’d be weird to show Isaac hauling around a backpack over that suit, but it still begs the question — where the heck does he put all of that inventory? He’s holding up to seven weapons, ammo, health packs, stasis modules, and any credits, schematic upgrades, or sellable materials he finds along the way.

Somehow, he’s able to pull all of this inventory out of thin air. Let’s just imagine that Isaac has a ridiculously large cloaked fanny pack that we can’t see.

6 Gunning For Isaac

Isaac looking at cold chambers containing necromorphs in Dead Space

Of course, necromorphs are always going to be hot on Isaac’s tail. He’s the avatar for you, and to have any real fun you’ve got cut and stomp your way through these horrifying critters. However, there are other survivors in the mix when it comes to the story — Kendra Daniels and Zach Hammond are also running around on the Ishimura. You will also encounter the nefarious Dr. Challus Mercer, and later aid horticulturalist Elizabeth Cross.

While two crew members, Hailey Johnston and Aiden Chen, die in scripted events at the start of the game, it never seems like the necromorphs are pursuing the other survivors as relentlessly. To add even further confusion to this, they don’t all have weapons like Isaac. How are they running around an infested ship without encountering necromorph after necromorph?

5 Isaac’s Impenetrable Suit

Isaac floating in space outside the Ishimura in Dead Space

Necromorphs like to get up close and personal when they assault the living. Sure, some shoot gross projectiles from a distance, but most of them are super stabby with their spear-like appendages. Sometimes, Isaac gets grappled by one of these monsters and is bitten on the neck or stabbed and slashed.

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However, Isaac is wearing a suit that allegedly protects him from the cold, suffocating recesses of space. During Isaac’s battles with the necromorphs, there’s no doubt that he’d have to patch his suit. Yet, somehow, he’s no worse for the wear every time he leaps into space.

4 Where Are The Child Necromorphs?

Issac pointing his plasma cutter at the hunter necromorph in Dead Space

This sounds rather macabre, and you also might be wondering in turn why this question is even being posed. The USG Ishimura might just be no place for children. But, given that we’re talking about space travel and countless personnel, it’s unlikely that none of the crew members had families.

Additionally, we do know that there were babies on the ship, as the lurker necromorphs are clearly mutated infants. These are the little monstrosities that have three tentacles that emerge from their backs and launch projectiles at Isaac. So, if there are babies, why aren’t there children on the ship?

3 Why Is Isaac The Only One Wearing An Armored Suit?

Isaac looking out a window next to a chair in Dead Space

Isaac is an engineer who gets his hands dirty in the mechanics of a spaceship. However, there are posters and propaganda throughout the ship that depict even traditional security having the same armored suits. Hammond is a security officer, so why doesn’t he have one?

Isaac walks through most of the story with his helmet on, even when holding conversations with others. It’s just a tad strange that he’s the only one with a helmet that also doubles as a breathing apparatus in the cold of space.

2 Isaac Doesn’t React Appropriately

Isaac standing in the glow of a red light inside the Ishimura in Dead Space

The original Dead Space put you in the shoes of a voiceless Isaac, and perhaps this was an attempt by the developers to have you see yourself in Isaac’s shoes. However, the remake rectified his odd silence by having actor Gunner Wright provide vocal talent and dialogue for the character. However, Isaac’s dialogue is still subdued. He largely only speaks when spoken to, taking away the element of genuine reactions.

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As such, his reactions to some of the horrifying elements of the game amount to nothing more than grunts and heavy breathing. His wordless reactions toward the necromorphs, and even not being genuinely horrified when interacting with his comrades, seem a bit strange given that his experience is that of an engineer, not a seasoned soldier.

1 Printed Publications

Isaac looking at a magazine at the tram station in Dead Space

All throughout the USG Ishimura, you can find copies of magazines, in particular one called Eon News. In a distant future where people can summon media on holographic screens emitting from a source in their suit, why are printed publications still a thing? Most of the ship’s interactive controls appear to be projected holograms like the locked or unlocked indicators on doors.

At this stage, a magazine seems rather archaic for the time period, yet lockers are filled with them and they are lying around at tram stations. It just doesn’t make much sense.

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