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7 Best Weapons In Xenoblade Chronicles 2


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Every character in the phenomenal JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has a gorgeously designed weapon. Whether it’s Brighid’s Whipswords or Pyra’s Aegis Sword, the many blades Rex and the other amazing playable characters can wield are incredible.

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However, while most of the blades have their own unique spin on the game’s standard weapon selection, there are only a few that truly stand out as being exceptional. From dragon mechs to giant floating arms, these weapons are by far the best.


7 Whipswords – Brighid

It is practically impossible to hear the word Whipsword and not think it’s immediately the coolest thing in existence. The combination of a flaming whip and sword is something that is both visually stunning and mechanically intriguing, and has been used throughout anime for some time.

It is fair to say that both Mòrag and Brighid look immensely powerful – and for a lack of a better word, badass – while wielding the Whipswords. The way they thrash across the ground once unleashed and deal unbelievable amounts of destruction is truly awesome. There’s simply nothing quite like it in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

6 Big Bang Edge – Pandoria

At some point in time, someone almost certainly declared that all JRPGs must have at least one very large and very rectangular sword. Cloud has his Buster Sword; Soul Edge with its creepy eye is comically huge; there are even giant swords in NieR: Automata. So, it makes sense that Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a game so brilliantly anime, has its own version.

Enter Big Bang Edge – it’s like they know it’s a meme by this point – the sword of Pandoria. This enormous blade is almost certainly bigger than every other character’s weapon in the game. Not that size matters, of course. What makes it such a beautifully designed weapon is how apparent the influences are within it. It’s ostensibly a homage to all of the big blades that have come before it, which makes it a charming continuation of a very JRPG tradition.

5 Dual Scythes – Roc

Most blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 have a weapon that represents them in some way. Whether it’s metaphorically or literally, their weapons adopt certain traits or visual flairs from them. Roc’s Dual Scythes are no exception, as they are designed after his bird-like appearance. They’re rather exceptional too in this regard, their feathery flourishes and tribal-esque handles matching his colorful design perfectly.

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However, it goes beyond their design. Roc’s Dual Scythes are incredibly important to Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s storyline. The way that they impact the overall narrative and are integrated into one of the game’s most emotional scenes is truly incredible. Much like Roc himself, his feathered Dual Scythes are irreplaceable and immeasurably crucial.

4 Aegis Swords – Pyra/Mythra/Pneuma

It would be ludicrous to not put the Aegis Swords on this list. That would be like omitting the Monado from a “Most Iconic RPG Weapons” list – don’t worry, we included it. Unfortunately, there are so many fantastic weapon designs within Xenoblade Chronicles 2 that the three Aegis Swords have to be put as one entry. We’re sorry, they’re all fantastic individually, but it’s just how these things go.

However, Pyra’s is probably by far the most visually stunning weapon. While they are all appealing for vastly different reasons, there’s nothing quite like seeing flames burst out of a giant sword. It’s also more in line with Shulk’s original Monado and Noah’s sword from Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

3 Catalyst Scimitar – Nia

While Dromarch’s Twin Rings are pretty spectacular in their own right, it is Nia’s Catalyst Scimitar that takes the cake. This gorgeously flower-adorned blade appears during Chapter Seven when Nia reveals herself to be a Flesh Eater. That is perhaps its biggest fault as the lack of screentime it receives is bordering on criminal.

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The blade is far more ornately designed than many of the other weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. However, this doesn’t mean it is overly complex. In fact, one of the strongest aspects of its design is how simple it is. It is neither comically large nor insignificant, always ensuring to balance deftly between the two while adding plenty of its own unique flourishes.

2 Mech/Ether Canon – Herald

Herald is easily one of the best-designed rare blades in all of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, hands down. Is it because of the giant dragon mech that she uses to crush her foes? Absolutely. This is basically anime after all.

It’s a pretty phenomenally designed mech that goes hand-in-hand with her equally well-designed Ether Canon. It’s a nice touch that most rare blades have unique spins on the standard weapons, but Herald’s goes above and beyond. Her dragon mech is just something a little different in this universe. It helps to further cement the sci-fi twist to this fantasy-sci-fi-hybrid JRPG. It also just looks awesome wielding a giant dragon-themed canon in battle. What’s not to love?

1 Giant Arms/Chroma Katana – Newt

Much like Herald, Newt’s weapon design benefits from being a little out-there. While most of the other blades tend to prefer giant guns, swords, or axes, Newt leans more towards the enormous floating arms with flaming shoulders category.

Not only do these big muscular arms look appropriately absurd on their own, but when combined with her Chroma Katana, they look beautifully anime. Despite looking like they’d find right into an episode of Shaman King, Newt’s arms function as a very unique addition to Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

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