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7 Best Mods For Horizon Zero Dawn


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Guerrilla Games broke out of the FPS world in 2017 with Horizon Zero Dawn. As compared to shooters like Killzone, Horizon delivered a breath of fresh air with an open-world brimming with life, and a lovable new character.

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In 2020, PC players were able to get a taste of Horizon Zero Dawn’s post-post-apocalyptic world. They got to see why Aloy became a new mascot for PlayStation and the unique world that was created for the game. Modders went to work on adjusting the game to their liking and having silly twists for a good laugh.


7 Aloy – Hair Colors by AlexPo

The cosmetics options in Zero Dawn are pretty limited. You can find new armor that has stat boosts to help you on your adventure – some of them look great, but the variation isn’t much, overall. Aside from thast, there wasn’t much you could change about Aloy’s appearance.

This mod gives you some new hair color options to change up Aloy’s appearance. It keeps her hairstyle, but you can dye it to your liking. Some look natural, like black, blond, and white, but you can get creative with them. Make the protagonist more vibrant with blue and pink. In total, there are ten options.

6 Casual Outfit for Aloy by Raq and loveshork

The end of the world sent humanity into the Stone Age. A part of the world-building highlights how people have forgotten the past, thinking of the world that came before as something hard to comprehend. So, the clothing in Horizon gives a distinct look at how people live, their culture, and what differentiates the various factions.

Maybe Aloy found some clean clothes from the past and decided to try them on. The casual outfit mod gives her a tank top, shorts, and shoes. It is the perfect outfit for trekking through the rough open lands. It also works out when she wants to go out with friends.

5 Photorealistic Reshade by Digital Dreams

Even in comparison with its visually superior sequel, Horizon Zero Dawn is still a standout in graphical fidelity. It was one of the best-looking PS4 games, and looks even better on PC.

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The photorealistic reshade mod follows in the footsteps of mods that are developed for most games. Someone always enhances the graphics, and that’s what’s been done here. The mod enhances the colors, shadows, and tone mapping and removes blur. If you are unsure, look through the mod page to check out the gorgeous screenshots.

4 Remove Fall Damage by thunderlasso

You have a variety of ways to travel from one point to another in Horizon Zero Dawn. You can run, ride certain machines, fast travel, and at specific points, climb. Sometimes, it can be hard to find a spot to climb when it is your only option, but the game won’t let you find a spot to get down quickly.

Falling is almost always a nice option, as long as you can survive. Make it easier for yourself to get down from places where you don’t see a path by removing the fall damage, so you can drop without a scratch.

3 Better Animal Spawns by thunderlasso

Hunting is an important mechanic to get certain gear upgrades in HZD. You need to hunt specific animals but also need certain parts that may not drop the first time. It can take a lot of work and time to find specific creatures to harvest.

This mod improves the spawn rate, so you don’t aimlessly stumble around for that boar or whatever animal you need to complete the upgrade. It is not overly abundant, but enough for you to see an improvement and get what you need quicker.

2 Increased Duration of Days by thunderlasso

When you play an open-world game, you think of a few elements that should be included. One of those is a day/night cycle. If you ever wanted to increase the duration of daytime, you have a mod for that.

You have three settings to increase how long the days can be – two times longer, four times, or eight times. Doubling the duration is an hour and 20 minutes, quadruple the length lasts two hours and 40 minutes, and going eight times is five hours and 20 minutes. If you have something that is day-specific, then you have the option to get everything done with less stress about night rolling up on you.

1 New Face Paints For Aloy by lumad11

Through various mods and in-game armor you can get, Aloy can get pretty stylish if she wants. If you think something is missing to complete the picture, it may be due to a lack of face paint.

Get a selection of face paint with different colors and designs. The ten offerings give you plenty to try on and see what you like best. You can swap them out to fit your outfits or if you want to change them up for no reason, because you don’t need to justify your fashion to anyone.

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