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6 Games Where The Main Characters Get Happy Endings


Games With Happily Ever After Featured Split Image Metal gear Solid 4 and It Takes Two


The line “and everyone lived happily ever after” is the classic way to finish a story, particularly in children’s fairy tales. Yet, in the video game world, few narratives actually end that way. That’s not to say the industry is filled with sad endings but rarely does everything tie up in a neat bow.

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After all, even when crafting happy conclusions, the writers usually leave things open for a sequel. So, the “ever after” bit wouldn’t be accurate. However, there have been several video game endings where all the main characters – excluding villains – have had happy conclusions that have never been undone later. These are a few notable ones.


6/6 Portal 2

Throughout most of Portal 2, Chell and GlaDOS function as a team. The old foes are brought together due to their mutual distaste for the comedic but cruel AI known as Wheatley, who now runs the Aperture Science Facility.

At the end of the game, the protagonist shoots herself and Wheatley into space. GlaDOS saves the former while dooming the latter and regains control of the facility. With all her power restored, she sends Chell back to the surface. So, to sum up, GlaDOS remains in control of the Aperture Science Facility, and Chell finally gets to leave the torturous place. Plus, the space-obsessed personality core gets to live among the stars.

The Metal Gear Solid series isn’t known for happy moments. Yet, the ending of the fourth game is fairly joyous for the main characters. They spend the last mission stopping Liquid Ocelot and Foxdie in what is an intense undertaking. Then things settle down for the main crew. Meryl and Johnny get married in a happy ceremony. Something positive finally happens for Raiden as he reunites with his beloved Rosemary and meets his son for the first time.

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As for Solid Snake, his situation isn’t perfect. He is, after all, still about to die from his accelerated aging. However, he finds out that he’s not going to become a biological weapon, as he thought, so he doesn’t need to kill himself. Instead, he shares some final moments with his sort-of father, Big Boss, before living out the rest of his life among friends.

4/6 Lollipop Chainsaw (Best Ending)

One of the wildest things about Lollipop Chainsaw is the fact the main character, Juliet, carries her boyfriend Nick’s head around for the entire game. To make things weirder, the guy can still talk and interact with Juliet.

Nick becomes a headless hero at the end of the game, though. He places himself upon a corpse within the main villain’s body. This causes the antagonist to explode, which spells the end for the zombie horde. However, it isn’t the end for Nick. He gets brought back to life with a new – albeit shorter – body and gets back together with Juliet. Following that, the protagonists reunite with Juliet’s family and, in the best ending, all happily celebrate the protagonist’s birthday in a heartwarming scene.

3/6 Grand Theft Auto 5 (Option C Ending)

Towards the end of GTA 5, Franklin is pressured by the FIB to kill fellow protagonist Trevor, while Devin Weston wants Michael dead. The happiest and canon conclusion occurs if Frank chooses to ignore them both and select option C. In this one, the protagonists fight for their lives against all their adversaries. Then they systematically take out the main ones, leaving Devin Weston for last. The trio kills that ego-maniac together.

After that, the three main characters are free and living pretty good lives. Michael continues his job in the movie industry and has patched things up with his loved ones. As for Trevor and Franklin, GTA Online shows they’re still involved in the criminal life they love. Franklin, in particular, has made it big.

2/6 It Takes Two

It Takes Two is about a married couple on the verge of divorce who are transformed into their daughter’s dolls. As such, their goal becomes finding a way to change back into their real selves. Along their adventure, the two bond for the first time in a while. And in the end, they rediscover a spark for one another, which turns them back into humans.

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However, the game doesn’t end there, as their daughter, believing she’s the cause of their divorce, runs away from home. Thankfully, the two find her and explain that she’s not the reason for their issues. They don’t outright say they’re going to give their marriage another shot, but it’s heavily implied. Regardless, the game ends with them all as a happy family.

1/6 Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End And The Lost Legacy

Nathan Drake is one of gaming’s most iconic thieves, as he spends most of his life as a treasure hunter. And at the start of Uncharted 4, he returns to that life, much to the chagrin of his wife, Elena. This time it’s his brother Sam and the allure of Henry Avery’s treasure that brings him back into the fold. The two brothers go on a dangerous adventure to acquire the gold, which ends with them getting the better of the villain, Rafe.

After those escapades, Nate and Elena finally settle down for good, as they buy a salvaging company together and have a kid. Sully seems to retire not too long afterward. Most of their other friends continue in their treasure-hunting ways. Chloe, Sam, and Nadine even have some adventures in The Lost Legacy spin-off, which all ends happily for them.

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