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6 Games To Play If You Like Stray


on the left is the fox from Spirit of the North, in the middle is Tina and SAM-53 from ENCODYA and on the right is the cat from Catlateral Damage

There have been so many great cats throughout video game history. If we’re talking famous cats in video games, we’re confident your mind wanders to Big The Cat and those cats in Ghostwire: Tokyo that are constantly complaining. You know, truly iconic cats.

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Well, fortunately, Stray is here to fill the catless void with an apawable — is that a good pun? — protagonist. However, if you’ve already beaten the game, then you’re likely looking for your next feline fix. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. While they may not all feature a cat, these games are great if you love Stray.


6 Spirit Of The North

Spirit of the North is a third-person adventure game that seems absolutely purrfect for those who enjoyed Stray. You’ll take on the role of a fox – insert dated reference to that irritating song from 2013 — and traverse the game’s gorgeous landscapes inspired by Iceland. Before you ask, no, this isn’t Death Stranding but with a fox. Don’t worry, you won’t be stumbling across cliffs trying to deliver pizza.

Spirit of the North is entirely devoid of any dialogue or narration. Of course, that doesn’t mean it isn’t filled with mystery and intrigue. You’ll uncover the secrets of its world through an emotionally gripping journey all tied together by unbelievably stunning visuals. Suffice to say, if you enjoyed the puzzle exploration aspects of Stray — and well the whole “it’s a game about an animal” thing — then you’ll love Spirit of the North.

5 Okami

Okami may not be about cats. It may not be set in a cyberpunk world full of robots. It may not be even remotely similar to Stray in any way shape or form. However, if you love games about animals, and you’re fond of exploration in visually distinct locations – which surely you must be if you’ve played Stray – then Okami is absolutely for you.

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Okami is far more action-oriented and features more open levels than Stray. However, the core gameplay of controlling a more than capable animal and manoeuvring them around a hostile environment is ever present. Okami may differ from Stray in a lot of ways, but it does manage to capture the magic of controlling an animal in a video game. Not since Nintendogs have video game animals seemed so cute.

4 Dog’s Life

One of Stray’s best features is the level of realism and detail present in its feline protagonist. If that was the aspect you gravitated towards the most, then perhaps you should hop onboard the Dog’s Life bandwagon. You’re in for a real treat. Dog’s Life is a seminal PlayStation 2 game that has gone sorely underappreciated since its release back in 2003. It’s fair to say that without Dog’s Life, there would be no Stray.

You control Jake, a ne’er-do-well doggo with a penchant for messing up people’s days. Imagine Untitled Goose Game but with a dog and PlayStation 2 visuals. Dog’s Life is actually quite an impressive game from a technical standpoint, boasting decently sized levels to explore and a wide range of mini-games to enjoy. Sure, Dog’s Life isn’t as solemn or story-packed as Stray is. But it does let you poo on the floor. And there’s a mini-game entirely dedicated to a pissing contest. So, do with that information what you will.


While cyberpunk worlds are becoming increasingly popular, there are few that match Stray’s tone exactly. The robot-filled world of Stray is simultaneously beautiful and desolate, a trait of the cyberpunk genre and one often overlooked. Sure, you could play Cyberpunk 2077, but that wouldn’t quite capture the same vibes. Fortunately, ENCODYA, the critically acclaimed point-and-click adventure game, is here to offer you an engrossing world akin to Stray’s.

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ENCODYA follows the story of SAM-53, a large robot that wants nothing more than to protect its owner, a nine-year-old girl named Tina. You’ll explore Neo Berlin, a destitute cyberpunk city filled with robots, as you embark on a heartfelt emotional journey that will almost certainly make you cry. ENCODYA absolutely nails the same tone as Stray and is perfect for those looking for a similar setting and vibe.

2 Catlateral Damage

There are too few video games that let you play as a cat. Sure, there is a handful that let you wander around as our seemingly endlessly energised yet simultaneously sleepy feline friends. However, for the most part, they’re in stark supply. Fortunately, Catlateral Damage, a game with a name so punny it’s quite literally purrfect – yes, we know we’ve used it before, don’t be so catty – is here to save the day.

In Catlateral Damage, you take on the role of a cat, and it’s your job — nay, duty — to destroy as much stuff as you can. You’ll rampage through procedurally generated houses, racking up points by causing an undeniably satisfying amount of chaos. Catlateral Damage is enjoyable because of the simple pleasures it offers. But first, you must embrace your inner cat.

1 Ghost Of A Tale

Cats aren’t typically known to be fighters. Sure, they’ll give you a good scratch – and then a head nuzzle because they’re such adorable beings — if you so much as encroach on their side of the couch. But for the most part, you wouldn’t look at our whiskered friends and think “oh yeah, they’d knock me out”. This is largely why you do a whole load of stealthing in Stray. If that was a component that you enjoyed, then you’ll like a similar animal-themed stealth game named Ghost of a Tale.

There’s one huge cat-veat though. Ghost of a Tale is about a mouse, a cat’s sworn archnemesis. However, if your cat-like instincts have faded since playing Stray, then you shouldn’t really have a problem. Ghost of a Tale is an incredible game filled with fun stealth mechanics, a genuinely amazing world to explore and a rich lore to uncover. It’s as gorgeous and vibrant as it is deeply enjoyable and well worth giving a go if you’re even remotely a fan of Stray.

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