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5 Animals That Deserve A Game Like Stray


Red Dead Redemption II Horse, Cat from Stray, D-Dog from Metal Gear Solid V


When Stray was revealed during PlayStation’s Future of Gaming Event in 2020 it quickly became one of the most highly anticipated games in the industry. Its gorgeous visuals and mysterious atmosphere initially intrigued audiences, but it’s ultimately its protagonist — an adorable cat — convinced everyone the game was going to be something special.

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Two years later, Stray would finally be launched, becoming a phenomenon amongst critics and fans alike. It became notorious for catching the attention of household pets, captivating them with the movements and meows of its furry hero. Now that cats have had their time to shine in Stray, it would be great to see more animals star in their own adventures, so we could have a better understanding of their behaviors and daily obstacles.


5 Fish

While sharks have already been the stars of their own games through titles like Jaws Unleashed and Maneater, it might be time to let the smaller ocean-dwellers have some fun. It’s hard to pick a specific species that should star in the game, so it might be best to offer a fish creation tool that allows a diverse range of aquatic characters to represent them.

The narrative could be loosely based on Stray’s premise, and offer a whole new kind of world to explore and get lost in. Perhaps a baby fish gets separated from its school, and must navigate unknown territory to find its way back. The ocean would be the perfect setting for an atmospheric — and maybe even emotional — story about a small fish in a big pond.

4 Bird

Cats patrol the ground, and fish can swim freely in water, so why not have a video game that focuses on a creature in the sky? Sure, there are already games like Skatebird and Angry Birds, but it would be great to see one in a more grounded adventure that requires it to use its tiny brain to outwit predators and survive a harrowing experience.

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Like most Metroid games, the game should begin with the bird losing its most important power — flight. After stepping out of the nest and flying around for a short time, maybe a storm comes in and sends the fledgling off to an unknown location. Instead of being able to fly up and go home, a slight injury could make traveling on foot its only option. Its beak could help it survive until the magnificent moment its wing is fully healed, and can finally fly to safety.

3 Horse

Horses might be one of the most common animals to appear in video games, as close partners or friends. Epona, Roach, Agro, and more have dedicated their lives to the heroes that eventually get all the credit for saving the day. The time for a horse-centric adventure is long overdue, and the range of fascinating gameplay mechanics and stories that could be told are limitless.

Many other animals would thrive in suburban environments full of tiny platforms to jump on, but horses are one of the few that would play the best in wide open spaces. Whether it’s through fields of grass or snowy plateaus, you’ll want to be able to run as fast as possible without running into buildings or vehicles. A horse game could also be filled with everyone’s favorite side quests; escort missions! NPCs could hop on your back and ask you to take them from place to place as safely as possible.

2 Octopus

As cool as it would be to play as a fish, there are plenty of other aquatic creatures that could be incredibly versatile and fun to play as in a video game. The octopus might not be the cutest animal on the planet, but its unique shape and appearance make it the perfect candidate for an exciting and unforgettable adventure under the sea.

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Everything that makes the octopus one of the ocean’s most fascinating specimens is also why it would make such an interesting playable character. Its ability to spray ink as a defense mechanism could be used to either attack enemies or create a thick cloud, so it can sneak past without being detected. Not only that, but its camouflage capabilities could make it the perfect protagonist for a stealth game like Metal Gear, but a tad more moist.

1 Dog

Every dog has its day, but some canines have already starred in a variety of critically acclaimed titles. Between Amaterasu from Okami and PaRappa the Rapper, there are more than a few games that let you play as fictional dogs with superhuman abilities. There isn’t, however, a game that lets you be an average dog in a modern or dystopian setting, like in Stray.

Most playable dogs have supernatural powers or intelligence, but taking all of that away to focus on the creature’s natural abilities would make the perfect template for a riveting adventure. Using their heightened senses to track has been used already in games like Twilight Princess, but it could still be expanded upon to create a fascinating new gameplay mechanic.

One of the reasons Stray appealed to so many people is because it didn’t feature a talking cat capable of defeating enemies in hand-to-hand combat. Keeping its hero as close to reality as possible is one of the reasons it garnered so much attention around the globe. This success could easily be replicated by creating a strange new world starring man’s best friend.

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