TechyHint Gaming 12 Best Online Escape Room Games Of {2022}

12 Best Online Escape Room Games Of {2022}


Escape Room Games Online

List of 12 Best Online Escape Room Games of 2022:

Today’s time has brought everything online into our society. From the classes to shopping and the work-from-home culture, things are slowly taking a new place on the internet to help people avoid stepping out in this pandemic-fueled world where social distancing is a must. And due to this transition, our needs and the way to accommodate are also changing. Staying up at home for days reduces our working and mental grasping capacity and makes people, especially the kids and teenagers, restless. The best way to cure it is through family-friendly recreation that is readily available and beneficial for all of us. 

And nothing could be better than the online escape room games that help us find out-of-the-box solutions, build teamwork, polish our communication skills, and learn to perform under stipulated time. Many entertainment facilities are available in the market, but escape rooms are an excellent choice if you seek all-in-one fun and learning through mental and emotional development. So, if you are looking forward to doing something fun this weekend for a break, try these 12 best escape room online games of 2022: 

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12 Online Escape Room Games of 2022

1. Black Noir Murder Escape 

The team Black Noir has designed this fantastic and hard to forget escape room by keeping in mind the classic feeling of chills brewing in the terrifying atmosphere of murder mystery games. The plot follows you and your team members playing as the private investigator Mr. Jones and finding out the suspected killer before another murder turns out. 

The scenes come to life as you follow a mysterious letter in the game and solve a series of exciting puzzles across the stunning locations of New York City. Set in the gangster era, you will find yourself having a wonderful time trailing through various crime scenes in this online escape room game and relying on your deducing skills and aptitude to win your way against the murderer before the time runs out.  

Check out: Black Noir Murder Escape

2.  Lost in the Arctic 

This visually stunning escape room takes you on an adventurous journey as your team is assigned to find the mystery behind the crew that went missing at the Arctic Outpost. Find yourself navigating through the visually stunning and panoramic landscape of the Arctic region as you dive deeper into the enigma of the premise and solve the puzzles laid in this online escape game to come face to face with the reason behind the crew’s disappearance and the unknown that they had come across.

Check out: Lost in the Arctic

3. Escape: The Midnight Escape 

This free and virtual mini escape room draws inspiration from the events of history and focuses on giving you a delightful time throughout the game premise. You will find yourself aboard the Midnight Express on the date of 2nd February 1861, where you must come up with your wits and ideas to solve the glitch in the past timeline and decode it before you get caught. 

The puzzles lead up to the mysterious connection behind Abraham Lincoln, and your route will take you through Pennsylvania to Baltimore as you try to find the secrets in this thrilling and adventurous escape room.

Check out: Escape: The Midnight Escape  

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4. Submachine 10: The Exit 

The final installment in the Submachine series, The Exit is one of the best escape room games to play virtually. The game starts with you waking up in a strange and void-like world laced with alien-like technology in the surrounding. As the story progresses, you must hack your brain, search for clues and objects, and use them to break out of this escape room. 

Your escape is at the Northern Garden Docks, and once you cross it, you can enter your real-world back. The unique background setting and the enigmatic atmosphere of this game will leave you on the edge of your seat throughout the show.

Check out: Submachine 10: The Exit   

5. The Mystery of Time and Space

Popularly known as MOTAS, this escape room game is more like a graphic adventure game where you wake up in a strange bedroom locked from the outside, with no memory of how you got there. And to escape the place, you must venture through the different elements in your surroundings and interact with them to solve the game’s puzzle. First introduced in 2002, this game has evolved to 20 different levels (last updated in 2008) that slowly span many rooms simultaneously and eventually let you play outside across geographical locations instead of locked buildings. 

What makes MOTAS iconic and memorable is how it presents you with various sci-fi themes and lets you use your lateral thinking to solve puzzles by gradually time traveling and going back to previous levels to fetch different objects. And with the catchy jazz soundtrack, you’re in for a delightful gaming ride aboard this escape room.

Check out: The Mystery of Time and Space

6. The Doors

The Doors

The Doors is one of the most popular and well sought online escape rooms of all time. Introduced in 2006, it is one of the first online escape room games and has been an inspiration behind the creation and effects of many such games, like the Submachine and the Crimson Room. It follows the concept of the point and clicks type escape room game where you must search through the room and click on the objects around you to find clues for decoding the puzzle. 

Throughout the game, you will come across various doors and things in your surroundings that you must remember because you might need to go back to them for hints in the later stage of the game. And although the puzzles might appear as simple to you after some time, the visual effects and the intriguing background music will keep you hooked until the end.

Check out: The Doors  

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7. Crimson Room 

The Crimson Room is a classic and cult favorite escape room game developed in Flash. It is simple to play and needs no additional requirements. The story follows you waking up in a mysterious and unexplained crimson room while suffering from retrograde amnesia. And to escape this strange red room, you must click on the objects and go through them to solve the hidden key puzzle and earn your freedom. Convenient to play both solos and with a team, you can expect to have a great time in this escape-the-room game.

Check out: Crimson Room

8. International Monster Hunter 

This surreal escape room will take you on a journey of puzzles, discoveries, surprises, and lots of clever wits. The Monster Hunt takes you and your team of Cryptozoological Investigators to explore sleuths by tracing clues, working together as one strong team, and tackling trivia and questions to catch some of the strangest creatures and unusual monsters from around the world.

It is a 90-minute game conducted online via a secure connection and allows you to participate from anywhere and have a fun time hunting monsters with your group members. Also, there’s the provision of a supportive host who helps you throughout your expedition game and ensures that all your technical elements are working correctly.

Check out: International Monster Hunter  

9. Space Race: Mission Mars 

The Space Race escape game is a fusion of in-person escape room immersive effects and the interactive features of the online puzzle games. In this virtual escape room, you have 60-minutes under which your crew members must figure out a solution to get your crash-landed spaceship away from the surface of Mars. Your systems have failed, and you are locked away from the Command Deck of your ship, and to launch it back into orbit, it’s now upon your team to work together and direct an outdated android system through the spaceship repairs. 

This escape room is conducted over Zoom meetings with a host and promises to deliver actions that you can fully control. And as you progress further, you also get updates and rewards for the same.

Check out: Space Race: Mission Mars 

10. Elements 

Elements is a fan favorite escape room game developed by Neutral. Despite it following a typical storyline of you finding yourself in a bizarre room that needs your patience and brains to escape, it still manages to stand out due to its wide range of puzzles and creative challenges set up within the game. It allows you to interact with every object in your surroundings and explore everything in depth. 

Its cunning riddles will make you somersault and flip over as you progress in the game. Besides, even if you find the key to escape, your escape room game won’t end there as expected usually. Also, the subtle sound effects and the detailed animation make it a must for any escape room enthusiast.

Check out: Elements  

11. The Grimm Escape 

The Grimm Escape is a private virtual escape room that you can play from just your household or family and friends from different places. The premise takes you on a journey to a virtual enchanted forest cursed by an evil witch. To win the game, you must solve all the puzzles and complete the challenges to defeat the witch before the clock ticks away and leaves you stuck in the forest. 

Suitable for everyone aged 8-years and above, it is family-friendly and ideal for planning your next birthday party, a date night, a fun get-together, or for keeping your kids occupied without worrying about social distancing or the pandemic.

Check out: The Grimm Escape  

12. Trapped in the Web 

Trapped in the Web gives you a series of virtual and engaging escape rooms that you can play as a team or even solo out as per your wish. They are easy to plan out and require no additional effort from your side, except an internet connection. Available to play from anywhere in the world, each escape room takes around one to three hours to solve and complete. There are various themed game rooms like Lockdown Breakout, The Missing, Space Race, Cabin Fever, and many more that have different difficulty levels and come with endless fun and entertainment for you to indulge in.

Check out: Trapped in the Web

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Virtual escape rooms are the best way to bond with your family, friends, and coworkers while looking for a fun thing to do online. While you might not experience the exhilaration and adventure like the offline escape rooms, you can still get a wholesome venture through these online escape games that will stay in your heart as a warm memory for a long time. Suitable for all kinds of events, you can get together with your group for a break and indulge in an entertaining event while sitting at home and lose yourself to the unique worlds of these fun and playable escape rooms.

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