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10 Cards That Need A Buff In Marvel Snap


Marvel Snap Agatha Harkness, Mister Fantastic, Spider-Man


People have been passionately drawn to one of the best mobile games in recent memory, Marvel Snap. The simple card-based gameplay is reminiscent of many other fan-favorite card games, and yet, Marvel Snap still manages to add its own unique flair to the genre in little ways.

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The card pool is huge, and with a huge selection of deck options, that means balancing can be a tricky thing. Some cards are better than others, and some just blatantly get ignored by a majority of players due to a lack of winning applications. Let’s face it, just like Pokemon, some cards just need a nice big buff.

10 Doctor Octopus

Marvel Snap - Doctor Octopus Variant on a blurred background

Doctor Octopus has all the potential in the world to be an absolutely devastating card, but right now, he’ll probably just give your opponent the win by accident. The five-cost, ten-power villain will pull four random cards from your opponent’s hand and play them in the same lane.

While this ability sounds great, it can result in some powerfully bad luck. Perhaps limiting the pulled card to 3-cost and under would allow the card to be much more useful while also not being utterly overpowered. Those lower-cost cards will ultimately be less likely to turn the tide of a match when compared to potential six-cost plays.

9 Black Widow

Marvel Snap - Black Widow on a blurred background

There are a fair amount of players who love to troll that use Black Widow. The two-cost card has only a single point of power, and it adds a Widow’s Bite to your opponent’s hand. That card then makes it so that they cannot draw a card until it is played.

A really easy buff to Black Widow would be to simply give the card some extra power. Even a single extra point of power would make her much more useful. Additionally, giving the Widow’s Bite a cost of one could really throw off a player’s potential plans.

8 Hazmat

Marvel Snap Hazmat

Hazmat is a really underrated card, as a skilled player can make expert use of her. Even then, Hazmat is tough to use outside of hyper-specific circumstances. An easy buff for the card would be to make her reveal effect target only the opposing team.

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Alternatively, limiting the drawbacks of the negative impact hitting every card could be set to only afflict the cards you’ve already played in the lane you’re playing Hazmat. A simple tweak to the ability will make Hazmat a must-have in a lot of players’ decks.

7 Medusa

Marvel Snap - Medusa on a blurred background

Medusa is another card with a lot of potential, but she needs a major re-work. Considering Medusa must be played in the center lane to even use her ability, the ability should be much more powerful.

You have to commit her to the center lane for a simple plus-two boost, making her a four-power card. Making that plus two into a plus three or four would make Medusa much more viable while keeping the drawback that she needs to be played in the center lane.

6 Adam Warlock

Marvel Snap Adam Warlock

Anyone who’s played Marvel Snap knows that Adam Warlock has a powerful ability, but the problem is, that ability can be hard to capitalize on. The two-cost, zero-power card lets you draw a card if you’re winning the location that you’ve played it.

Instead of buffing the ability, it would be better to simply give Warlock a slight boost in power. Making it a two-power card might make it a bit too useful, so letting it have at least one power gives a player the potential to benefit from the ability at least once early on in the game.

5 Mister Fantastic

marvel snap Mister Fantastic card

Anyone with a solid pool of cards to choose from will have a really hard time justifying adding Mister Fantastic to pretty much any deck. The three-cost, two-power card will add power to the adjacent locations. That’s it.

There are so many other 3-cost cards that synergize with a ton of other decks. Boosting the effectiveness of Mister Fantastic’s ability is key, considering to get the best impact out of it, the card must be played in the middle location. A slight power boost could also be argued.

4 Agatha Harkness

Marvel Snap Agatha Harkness

It’s shocking how often you’ll come across players attempting to use an Agatha Harkness deck. The card itself is great on a power and cost basis, but it’s the effect that really throws a wrench in things. Agatha starts in your hand and plays the game for you.

The problem there is that it’s almost like the AI wants you to lose. Regardless of how perfectly you’ve built the deck or what order you draw your cards, Agatha will seem to play them in the worst order possible. Simply making the AI better would make using Agatha in any useful way much better.

3 Black Bolt

Marvel Snap - Black Bolt Variant on a blurred background

Has anyone ever even seen a deck that includes Black Bolt? The five-cost card boasts eight-power, but it also has a relatively useless ability when compared to a lot of the other five-cost cards. Basically, Black Bolt makes your opponent discard their lowest-cost card.

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That’s not a completely useless skill, but it actually being particularly useful is going to be hyper-situational. Even a change like making the discarded card random would at least make Black Bolt an interesting addition to various troll decks.

2 Titania

Marvel Snap Ghost deck Titania standard variant

While few people seem to use Titania, the card has a lot of potential. The one-cost, five-power card will swap the side of the field that it is on every time a card is played. Considering the random nature of the card, a boost to its power, up to seven or higher, could make using her all the more alluring.

With that kind of buff, the game’s play would revolve around trying to keep her on your side, but of course, with you having her in your deck, you’ll be ready for that. The buff would also be beneficial for destroying decks, thanks to the added power that can be taken advantage of in a hurry.

1 Spider-Man

Marvel Snap Spiderman Deck Professor X, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman

Spider-Man is a great card that is being kept from excellence due to a weirdly high cost. With four-cost and three-power, Spider-Man’s real draw is his ability which blocks your opponent’s ability to play a card opposing him on the next turn.

That’s a fantastic ability, so simply allowing Spider-Man to be played earlier would open up endless possibilities for the card. A power boost wouldn’t be bad either, but lowering the cost makes the card useful all game instead of simply on turn five.

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