10 Best Weapons In Insurgency: Sandstorm


Split image of FAL, MP7, and Mk 17 Mod 0 in Insurgency: Sandstorm

Whether you’re looking for a more tactical approach to FPS gaming, or you really just like pretending to be in Black Hawk Down, you’re probably a fan of Insurgency: Sandstorm. This realistic and squad-based shooter has been a favorite of military sim fans worldwide.

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While it’s easy to hop in the game and start blasting, it’s a bit harder to be a top player. Matches in this game can be brutal if you don’t go about things in a smart manner. Thankfully, your weapon choice has a lot to say about that. Here are some of the best guns in Insurgency: Sandstorm that will take your winning streak to the next level.


10 Browning HP

Pistols may not be your first thought in Insurgency. In fact, many players lose them entirely for the choice of more armor or explosives. But the right pistol can save your life when your main gun has run dry.

The Browning HP is a pistol that is all-around a solid choice. It’s relatively cheap, has fair stopping power, a medium magazine, and plenty of options to alter it. While others excel in other things, this pistol is practically a jack-of-all-trades.

9 MP7

Insurgency MP7s in desert camo on table

Submachine guns are a favorite of fast movers. Getting up close and spraying down the enemy is a solid choice, especially in close-quarters engagements. The MP7 is exactly what you want out of a submachine gun. It’s small, versatile, easily moved around, and has a solid fire rate. It does fall short compared to the stopping power of other submachine guns, but with enough ammo or the right aim, that doesn’t matter. Great for room clearing.

8 M1 Garand

Insurgency character in snow camo with white m1 garand

If you want a more classic approach, the M1 Garand may be your best bet. This rifle has shown up in plenty of WW2 video games, maybe none as modern as this game though.

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At base level, it’s not a whole lot to look at. But, with a good scope and a muzzle attachment, you can do some real damage with it. It has quite a recoil, but the stopping power is amazing. It cuts through armor like butter. Just watch out for that signature ping of an empty clip.

7 M82A1

Insurgency Sandstorm 50 Cal Sniper Rifle Aiming

While being a sniper rifle, this is not a weapon of subtlety. Firing a .50 caliber BMG cartridge, there won’t be anything left on a hit with this rifle. While the accuracy isn’t the best of any sniper, once you pop the bipod of this gun and have some distance between you and your target, you’ll be unstoppable. The piercing and damage of this gun alone solidify its spot on this list.

6 Mk 14 EBR

Insurgency EBR being reloaded

A good battle rifle is good for mid to long-range combat. The Mk 14 is one of the best battle rifles out there. It balances a fair recoil, moderate stopping power, and surprisingly good accuracy.

With the right modifications, this gun goes from good to great. A player with the EBR is a great addition to the team, as they can handle those awkward mid-range fights that other guns can’t keep up with. This allows you to keep enemies in your sights, but not too close.

5 Mk 17 Mod 0

Insurgency mk 17 being reloaded in desert map

An assault rifle that can be almost anything you want it to be. It’s the range of options of this gun that makes it so high on this list.

The Mk 17 hits hard as a fully-automatic assault rifle, chewing up the enemy as it goes. But, many players will modify it with a medium-range scope and switch to single-fire mode and use it as a battle rifle. Its accuracy and range make it a solid choice for either option or both with a dual-magnification scope.

4 AK 47

Insurgency Sandstorm Modes a mid shot of two soldiers in gas masks aiming their guns out of windows one of which is in the foreground the other in the background

Known by sight alone across so many games. The AK is cheap, reliable, heavy-hitting, and modifiable.

If you want to focus your points on other things like armor and explosives without sacrificing a good weapons platform, the AK is your best friend. Its 7.62 cartridge has good stopping power and piercing. While it isn’t the most accurate, it doesn’t matter at the ranges you’ll more than likely be using it.


Insurgency FAL being aimed in town mid-match

A battle rifle with a little more oomph than options like the EBR. The FAL can actually be used in multiple roles. With a scope and stock, it is a solid mid to long-range choice. But, with a simple red dot sight, it can be deadly in close range with good damage and a solid fire rate, even at semi-auto. It isn’t as flashy or modern as other choices but should not be overlooked.

2 M870

Insurgency security officers in prison holding revolver and pump shotgun

Shotguns are absolutely devastating in this game. If you’ve ever stepped into a room just to see the death screen, there’s a good chance you ran into a player with a shotgun.

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The M870 is a classic pump-action shotgun with no-frills but is a workhorse of any team it’s put on. It is a monster at close range. If you want to hold a room or building, stick someone with this near a doorway. It has a good amount of mods, including some hard-to-master but super fun ammo varieties.

1 M110 SASS

insurgency heavily modded m110 being aimed by security player in golden hour

The end-all-be-all of sniper rifles. While snipers aren’t always known for being able to serve multiple roles, the SASS breaks the mold. This gun hits like a sledgehammer. One or two shots are usually all you need to take down any enemy you see at most ranges.

The thing that makes this gun stand out is its range. It is great at extended ranges, but it doesn’t leave you defenseless in a house or when you see someone across the street. In fact, hip firing is quite a horrifying experience for your enemy. This gun excels at nearly every variable.

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