10 Best Melee Weapons With Ranged Attacks


Tarnished Holding Siluria's Woe Blasphemous Blade Bolt Of Gransax Elden Ring

As anyone who has played Elden Ring using Sorceries or Incantations will tell you, the game is a lot easier when you can deal with enemies from afar. However, this power isn’t limited to magic users. Even in melee builds, there are certain weapons that still give you the option to strike from a distance.

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The weapons on this list are the best options for players who want to get up close and personal with their enemies, but still have the versatility to hit those just out of reach. Some of these weapons will be extremely familiar to experienced Elden Ring players, but there are also a few picks you might be surprised to see.


10/10 Siluria’s Tree


Siluria’s Tree, which drops from Crucible Knight Siluria in the Deeproot Depths, is a Great Spear with a split between Physical and Holy damage. Its Weapon Skill, Siluria’s Woe, has a similar split. When cast normally, it causes a whirlwind that slams into the ground in front of you. However, when fully charged, the whirlwind launches forward instead.

This Weapon Skill received massive buffs in a recent patch, increasing its speed, attack power, and hyper armor, while also allowing it to go through enemies. These buffs changed Siluria’s Tree from a from being a visually interesting but practically underwhelming weapon to a viable option for fighting through The Lands Between.

9/10 Sword Of Night and Flame

Elden Ring Character Holding The Sword Of Night And Flame


The Sword of Night and Flame is the first weapon many players will think of when asked to name melee/ranged hybrids. Aside from being a relatively unique straight sword, it’s one of the very few weapons that scales with four different stats. It also has a creative Weapon Skill, Night-and-Flame-Stance.

The stance has two modes – the first causes a wide sweep of fire, while the second launches mini Comet Azur. The weapon has gone through multiple iterations since Elden Ring’s launch. Initially, it was arguably the strongest weapon in the game, then it was nerfed into the ground before being buffed back into being a solid weapon. It’s great to see one of Elden Ring’s most interesting weapons back in the meta.

8/10 Black Knife

Black Knife Elden Ring


Daggers are among the shortest-range weapons in Elden Ring, so having a way to hit far away enemies can be extremely helpful. The Black Knife has exactly that with the Blade of Death, its Weapon Skill. It launches a projectile that, when it hits, inflicts a debuff that reduces the enemy’s maximum health by a set percentage for a limited time and continues to drain their health after that.

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This effect is especially powerful against late-game bosses thanks to their massive health totals. The Black Knife drops from the Black Knife Assassin guarding the entrance to the Sainted Hero’s Grave in the Altus Plateau, and can also be paired with its sister weapon, the Blade of Calling, which very nearly made this list in its own right.

7/10 Bolt Of Gransax

Tarnished Holding The Bolt Of Gransax Elden Ring


The Bolt of Gransax is a spear, so it has naturally longer range than your average weapon, but its Weapon Skill takes that to a whole other level. Ancient Lightning Spear is a long-range, high-damage lightning attack that can knock down smaller enemies. It’s basically the equivalent of throwing a precision missile at your enemies.

As an additional benefit, unlike many of the weapons on this list, the Bolt of Gransax is almost entirely a Dexterity weapon. In fact, the Weapon Skill scales purely with Dexterity. That means you don’t need to invest levels into one of the magic-based stats for it to work, as you would with most other weapons. To get the Bolt of Gransax, head to Leyndell, Royal Capital, where you can find it on the giant version of the weapon held by the dead dragon at the center of the city.

6/10 Fallingstar Beast Jaw

Collage Maker-07-Nov-2022-10.59-PM


Despite its unusual appearance, the Fallingstar Beast Jaw is, in most ways, a big hammer that deals Magic damage. In normal usage, it hits things very hard at the cost of slow attack speed and limited range. But its Weapon Skill, Gravity Bolt, is something special.

Unlike most of the weapons on this list, that launch a projectile out from the character, Gravity Bolt calls down a blast of energy from the sky. The move is fast and spammable, dealing high damage and quickly breaking enemy poise. It effectively allows you to wander freely through tThe Lands Between, calling down air strikes on anything that looks at you the wrong way. If that sounds appealing, the Fallingstar Beast Jaw drops from the Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast in Mt. Gelmir.

5/10 Sacred Relic Sword

Sacred Relic Sword Elden Ring


Sometimes, you don’t just want to kill enemies that are far away, but also want to kill a lot of them all at once. In that case, the Sacred Relic Sword is the weapon for you. Its Weapon Skill, Wave of Gold, sends a wave of holy damage in front of you, hitting basically the entire screen.

Most players have probably seen it used for farming Runes from the hapless Albinaurics at Mohgwyn Palace, but you can actually use it during regular gameplay as well. Admittedly, “regular gameplay” is perhaps a misnomer, since to get the Sacred Relic Sword you need to beat Elden Ring’s final boss. As a result, it will see the most use in New Game Plus.

4/10 Moonveil

Tarnished Holding Moonveil Elden Ring


If you ask anyone who has participated in Elden Ring’s PvP what their least favorite weapon is, their first answer will likely be Rivers of Blood, but Moonveil is probably a close second. There’s nothing quite like getting hit from out of nowhere by a slice of magical energy.

Like Rivers of Blood, Moonveil is a Katana that causes Bleed buildup, but it is very much an Intelligence-based weapon. It deals primarily Magic damage, and its Weapon Skill, Transient Moonlight launch waves of magic damage. The horizontal wave doesn’t travel that far, but the vertical slice can seemingly hit enemies from a mile away. As an added bonus, the Moonveil can be acquired much earlier in the game than any of the other weapons on this list by killing the Magma Wyrm in the Gael Tunnel in Caelid.

3/10 Wing Of Astel

Tarnished Holding The Wing Of Astel Elden Ring


The Wing of Astel is one of the most versatile weapons in Elden Ring. It has the fast moveset of a curved sword and a phenomenal Weapon Skill in Nebula, which creates a short-ranged explosion that is great for dealing massive damage to large enemies.

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The feature that makes the Wing of Astel relevant to this list are its strong attacks, which launch arcs of Magic damage that can be charged and chained together. Best of all, this attack doesn’t cost FP, which means you can use it repeatedly without fear of running short of juice. You can find the weapon in a chest in the Uhl Palace Ruins if you head down to them from the Ainsel River.

2/10 Dark Moon Greatsword

Dark Moon Greatsword Elden Ring


The Dark Moon Greatsword makes a strong case for being the best Intelligence-weapon in Elden Ring, and it was buffed in a recent patch, making it even stronger. Like Moonveil, its Weapon Skill, Moonlight Greatsword, sends waves of Magic damage at your enemies.

The Dark Moon Greatsword also causes Frost buildup and deals excellent damage, making the weapon a powerhouse at all ranges. Getting it will take a lot of work though; you have to give Ranni the Dark Moon Ring at the end of her questline, and she gives you the Dark Moon Greatsword in return.

1/10 Blasphemous Blade

Tarnished Holding The Blasphemous Blade Elden Ring


The Blasphemous Blade is one of the most powerful weapons in Elden Ring, but it doesn’t get complained about as often as you might expect. That’s probably because it isn’t that useful when fighting other players. Its Weapon Skill, Taker’s Flames, sends out a line of fire that deals massive damage and heals you, traveling a much greater distance than one might expect.

It’s too easy to dodge in PvP if you know what it does, but in-game enemies don’t really understand that concept, making it a truly devastating weapon, both up close and at a distance. You can get it by killing Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, and trading the Remembrance of the Blasphemous with Enia in the Roundtable Hold.

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